Banjo bowl game day

Here’s hoping it’s a great one !!

Don’t know what to say about that first half, Man if we didn’t have an excellent defense!
Still think we win but from what I saw so far, not because our offense is clicking.

Like I said last week, our O is boring and macadodo’s play calling sucks, but we should win this, pretty bad when special teams and the D have more touchdowns than our O

This has been a game of errors and penalties for sure

88 yards passing in the half is horrible

End of 3rd. and Riders looking way better on offense and Defense solid.
I got a feeling we blow this one open if Offense heats up. :-X

Is Hughes injuried ?

Please god no … let it not be another zak concussion

Yah things can change in a heartbeat. :-\

Tough Tough game but here we are with 4 straight wins.
Gutso man
Go Riders Go

Huge win that should go a long way to a playoff spot. Sitting in second here now. It looks like Edmonton is up early so should be interesting to see where Edmonton, Saskatchewan and Calgary finish

This had to be one of the craziest games I have ever seen, kinda like welcome to the twilight zone. We won I will take it.

Aint that the truth…crazy but a win is a win

a win is a win…we will take it…gotta get a little bit more inventive on the O PLAYBOOK… OR EXECUTE BETTER…most likely a bit of both

Only way that improves is with a new Offensive Coordinator, and that won’t or can’t happen at least till next season. As long as Macadodo is calling plays. it won’t get better!

he’s not going anywhere.

WOW that was ugly, but a win is a win.

Hope Zack is OK to start against Ott.

I’ve been wondering if the Riders could be playing possum with the Offensive calls. I am hoping they can open it up and get creative in the playoffs and score more Offensive touchdowns.

Again - a win is a win.

Go Riders.

Then its a sad day for the Riders, cuz he sucks! Like I said before Ego Jones is loyal to his staff not to his players

Funny you like to call him that. He’s one of the more middle of the road or even a bit under head coaches I’ve met. Keeping him around has nothing to do with ego and if anything is the complete 180 opposite.