Banjo Bowl Game Day Thread

So, who's it gonna be?

Michael Bishop delivering his promised "whooping" to the Riders, or Kitwana Jones and his new/old teammates laying the smack down on the Bombers?


Considering Bishop is running his mouth off, my money is on Saskatchewan. When are these guys going to learn to do their trash talking on the field? :roll: That, and I went 0-2 on Friday, so if the Riders win, I'll at least finish the week at .500. :smiley:

I've got the same record. About 10 minutes ago, I was worried that I was going 0-3 on this week. I guess Montreal just wanted to prove that they could score a last minute touchdown so long as the time clock doesn't get screwed up.

So far my NFL picks are going MUCH better... :cowboy:

I wonder if we'll get to see more whiteboards on the sidelines today. Go Riders.

18 yard return? I think Armstead just had the Riders biggest punt return of the season! :oops:

I had the same fear when the score was 24-20. Then I started thinking, “What if the Bombers win?” Would’ve been my first 0-4 week of the season. :lol:

I’m also doing well with my NFL picks. I’m looking at an 8-2 start. Texans and Panthers are my two losses.

Yeah...I got burnt by the Texans too. Also, I took a (stupid) gamble on Miami.

It's kinda like betting on Michael Bishop to have a great game - he says, as Bishop skips one off the turf in front of an open man.

I was beginning to think Mike Kelly’s gameplan didn’t call for a 1st qtr 1st down. :lol:

Why does Winnipeg have the O-Line wearing wrist bands with all the plays...? :expressionless:

2 Reasons:

  1. Micheal Bishop can't read his.
  2. This way the Riders can also know what plays the Bombers are running.

The wrist bands are clearly not helping.

What a mess in Winnipeg... :?

It looks like the Roughriders are finally coming together, and Darian Durant is playing some good football. Wes Cates is playing like he did last season. Kind of makes me sad... every Western team is improving except for the Eskimos. :lol:

Arguably a worse situation than the Argo's.

Bombers are going to come back and win this game today. I can just feel it for some odd reason.

(Well it could be the 4 Smirnoff Ices that I've already downed watching that debacle of a 1st half too) :slight_smile:

I'm putting my money on the Smirnoff's. 8)

well whatever you're feeling, it must be way off.

You know, I've always wanted to try one of those just for the hell of it. :smiley: You'll probably want to down another four because I don't see the Bombers coming back. :lol:

Heh no doubt. Watching Bishop play (not that it's all his fault today) is enough to drive any Bomber fan to drink. :lol:

I like the way Johnson has been returning kicks today for the Bombers. That's about the only thing. Oh and the pink elephants that I keep seeing keep making me giggle too. Man these Smirnoff's are the BOMB!!! :smiley: :smiley:

That paper bag on that Bomber fan that said Coach Kelly sucks basically just sums everything up. A sold out crowd with all that excitement and the Bombers lay this kind of egg??? Heads better roll in the Peg and soon!!!