Banjo Bowl 10

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Are you ready for some Football: Riders vs Blue Bombers from IGF in Winnipeg - "RiderGirl" = Lets go Riders here we go :rockin:

You can catch her show tonight (if it's not sold out):

Dubbed “the brightest new recruit on Canada’s Fringe circuit? by CBC Manitoba, Colleen Sutton has turned her love for the CFL’s Saskatchewan Roughriders into a one-woman show RiderGirl. The Ottawa-based artist and Saskatchewan native is lining up several of her performances with the Riders 2013 schedule and returns to Winnipeg for our traditional rival rematch – The Banjo Bowl.

September 5 – 7
Gas Station Arts Centre (445 River Ave.)

Tickets: REG $30 / CFL FAN $25 (I will wear CFL gear!)
Note: Latecomers will not be admitted.

Box Office opens at 6:00 pm

RiderGirl: 7:30 pm
Tailgate Party: 6:30 pm
Post-game Party: 8:45

Be sure to arrive early for RiderGirl’s Tailgate Party!

[url=] ... anjo-bowl/[/url] BANJO BOWL THEME SONG!!!!!!YEEEEEEEE-HAAA :cowboy: :rockin:

That would be this one wouldn't it? :lol:
[url]Banjo Bowl Message - YouTube


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or my personal favorite


I think she's doing the halftime show, where she surprises the fans from emerging from Rita McNeils button hole. :roll:

I notice nobody in green...but see a photo of people strutting in blue.

Nobody in green...Where's Waldo??????? :lol: :cowboy: Winnipeg version of last man standing!!!!!

Riders should win by a minimum of 3 td's today unless someone has bought out the refs. :wink: Just kidding but I do think the Riders will win handily.

That's a brave prediction, lol.

I'm braver today mp after my Cats won yesterday! 8)

I know the game will be sold out but the CFL has made a big mistake going head to head with the opening day of NFL Sunday. Every time they do this TV ratings for Canadians watching NFL are more than double that of the CFL. This game should of been played on Saturday.

It goes up against late games which don't do as well as the early games. Also there's an evening game so lots of chance for fans to see both leagues. Most of those viewers are non CFL fans who wouldn't be watching anyway.


I agree. Blue blood. I would need to see some proof. riders vs bombers... possibly the two most popular teams in the CFL... I don't feel many viewers will be lost. Unless its an early blow out. Even then many people would change the channel even without another sport

Hey HTD; Well them Bombers are gonna win the battle next week at Commonwealth Stadium :rockin:

Think you have your leagues reversed.