Banjo Bowl 09 game thread (Sept. 13, 4 pm ET, TSN)'s preview of the 2009 Banjo Bowl is at .

Will the Spies gain on the Cats? Or will the Bishop armpunt away another opportunity to make up lost ground?

Go Gang Green! LOL

Oski Wee Wee,


Duelling banjos! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Let's watch the Clown with a frown. LOL


Let's see if Bish the wish can hold his prediction "We gonna whoop d'em"

Interesting: all the Bombers O will have play wristbands. LMAO

I guess Bish will get to confuse everyone less in the hurry-up. To me, this will just speed up the divots, laserpicks, and armpunts!

New Bombers QB advisor: Vince from Slap Chop! :wink:

OMG.. this should be FUN.... FUN I tell ya... let the circus begin.. .Cue the dancing monkeys!!!!

Well I'm gonna keep tally


Lee Majors was on a fly route and Bish STILL overthrew him. :wink:

Two-and out for the Spies -- nice right hook there -- no call.

Nice kick by JB

Balsillie, the multi-talent. :wink: LOL

Borehamgirl must be proud. :smiley:

Another two-and-out for the Spies.

My updated Pepsi/Hockey Canada cheer:

Oski Wee Wee
Bettman hurts my pee-pee

I'll book the choir and the lighters! :wink:

Somehow I just don't see that winning Russ.... as good as it is!

Leaf veto! I am DOOMED. LOL

I missed the last Spies series.. how did Bish do?

Two-and-out, Reid ran for eight and they blew it on 2nd-and-2

k.. no change to the Bish Tally sheet


paulpearson wrote:HORSE HOCKEY!!! For some reason the CFL pundits do not like Bishop, people like this last poster swallow it hook, line and sinker. They have demonized Michael Bishop as not being very bright etc, all totally false. He is a very smart QB that has been in every type of offense, from the very basic to the complex run and shoot. Michael really came in to his own during the 2007 season when he won the starting job from Damen Allen. Bish was resposible for all 11 wins that year. He was injured for the remainder of the games. Argos never won a game in 2007 when Bishop was not at QB, when he went in the game every phase of the team improved, from defence to special teams.

:D :D :D


My post of the year candidate. :wink:

TD Cates… .good Drive gang Green