Bane rises to the occasion and shines in his debut

CALGARY —  Stampeders rookie Shawn Bane tallied his first CFL touchdowns in his debut during the Stamps’ 23-14 win over the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

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The Calgary Stampeders have improved to a 15-2 record after coming off a bye in the last Decade. They had a solid outing at home in all three phases of the game. They now have a 3-5 record and will face the Riders again in Week 10. My game ball goes to the entire team, and yes BLM helped redeem his number one quarterback status. :star_struck: :three: :heavy_minus_sign: :five: :arrow_forward:

P.S. If there is any team in modern day history capable to run the table it would be the mighty Stamps even in this crazy 2021 season.

Bane had 2 catches, both in the first quarter. Then he was invisible.

Yah, 2 catches isn't exactly 'shining' is it? Good on the young man tho'.

U guys are still sore losers hahahhaa your vet secondary got burned by rookies hahahhahaa

Awwww still sore loser. Your vet secondary got burned by a rookie hahahhahaa

Shut your mouth u picked sask to win. And now your kissing horse A $$

Bane 2 for 56 and a score.
Schaeffer 5 for 107 with a 71 yarder that led to a score on next play.

Calgary 184 yds passing.
Sask 269 yds passing.

Both secondaries played pretty well. The one thing that Sask failed at was dropping a couple of picks that Bo should have thrown.

Good to see rookie receivers perform well league-wide.

So 2 catches impresses Mikey! I guess we have different standards.

Hey Mikey! He likes it!!

Does anyone proof read here! The final score was 23-17! Not the first
Time certain facts are reported wrong here in the original articles. Or are we in the alternate facts fantasy red zone here?! :laughing:

No, no they don't. I've offered my services before, no luck🙄

Sore loser ahhahahahaha

Sore loser ahahhahaha 2 catches really hurt u. I guess we have a new standard

Sore loser hahahahhahaa

Hardly. But I do see a sore winner. :wink:

There, I just broke the 3 post chain so we can hear more of your swill. :+1:

I sometimes wish I could sit down with some of the guys that post here to watch a game or two & have some beers, could be a gas, but Mikey's not invited🦨

It's called anonymous keyboard disease. Most of the time these folks don't behave nearly the same in person. I've met a few. Often you CAN enjoy a beer with them. As soon as their face and real name is hidden tho ... different story.

I enjoy a good debate(an old opponent said he never 'argued' lol) with anyone, I've said I'll argue with God if I think I'm right, but there has to be some logic on both sides. Mikey's just trolling.

Hah! I have to remember that one (probably because I'm right a lot). :+1: