Bandwagon Newsflash!!

A notice to all Bomber bandwangon members. Our grouping is becoming ever larger after the win over Ottawa and Hamilton. We have hired an extra horse to carry the load. We dumped the old mechanical model because of rising gas prices. Some bad news though. We must report several bandwagon injuries. A large group of individuals are still nursing broken ankles after jumping off a few weeks back for reasons unknown.

(There was actually some kind of weird and twisted message in that.)

The Rider forum is one down from here milkbone..

That's just mean PIGSEYE. I am a proud member of the Blue Bombers bandwagon and guarantee a win over Hamilton this week.

What's up with the Rider prider name....Riders aren't unreal, they are very real ...real bad

he must be a rider fan who jumped off to winnipeg after seeing his team lose

Actually UnrealRiders been a fan of both the Bombers and Riders at the same time.
I thought your kind of people were just a myth

That's just impossible. The Bombers and Riders have one of the biggest rivalries in the CFL.

Not impossible - I am a fan of two rival hockey teams. Of course we have our favourites, and cheer for them above anyone else, but it's not always difficult to root for a rival team. Oftentimes, you grow a soft spot for them because the rivalry creates great game atmosphere.

He goes both ways if you know what I mean! Aha ha ha the Tie Cats beat the Bombers I had a hunch this would happen. Well Bombers two games back of Calgary you going to catch us now. I think the basement has just been redecorated to blue and gold. Sorry Bomber fans had to do it! Way to go T Cats.

Well,we will d worm him and make him a man…this is not our last stand yellow n white…GO BOMBERS

i just JUMPPED OFF the bombers wagon...i was hoping theyd tie for 3rd this week, but blew it to the winnipeg managed to beat ottawa, i dont know?

Just knowing that we had you worried 05 is enough for me. Yeah we let one slip tonight but thats the way it goes. I still like the look of our sched for the next four games though, Sask, Sask, Ott and Mtl. These are the big ones that will go a long way to determining the season.

If you must go drumming god...then go...we'll make some adjustments to the wheels of the band wagon, and load the whole league on the Blue Brigade..Bombers for ever....your home town boy Hank...