Bandwagon maintenance

Somebody better put some new heavy duty shocks, springs and struts on the ole bandwagon :twisted: :smiley:

You are right but you have to give us all a break after this games. This win was so sweet.

Get the WD-40 :smiley:.

Can't wait to see the fairweather fans jump back on. LOL.

I'm a Bomber fan and it was great to see the Argos get their asses whupped. looks good on you Ticats. Great to see some parity

Its OK if we have fans jumping on the bandwagon..this team deserves a full house on july 12th.Lets get the bandwagon and momentun moving...its about time we have something to get excited about! great game Ticats!

i have some Jigaloo 8)

Were you the one I told last week it was only one game so far and give them a chance?

not specifically. I am not one who was writing them off, although I did say I expected a few more losses before they started playing about 500 and looking good for next yr.

Would anyone like to predict what the attendance will be at the next home game at IWS on July 12th?

Will there be much of an increase in attendance or will fans wait and see if this team might be able to keep it up?

I wonder how many BC fans would still be on the wagon if they would of had the Cats record for the last five year dude. :roll:

been there, done that. as has every other team outside edmonton.

In Taiwan they have the ever popular CH40 and LD40

I'm glad the Cats were some cheap copy brand today

Add another tier to the bandwagon

All fan support is necessary. I can't stand the smugness of some fans who think they are the only real fans. If the team is playing well and entertaining they will get the fans.

Don't try to take this away from us, FYB. No one has "been there, done that" like Ticats over the past 5 years. Ottawa can make a case, but they're not in the league any more. Other than that, I doubt any team's fans have suffered so much, for so long.

(It's the one thing we can be proud of as fans who have stuck with the team through recent years.)

The bandwagon is strong, supportive, and welcoming to all.

I would argue that Saskatchewan fans have suffered more. After making the playoffs in 1976 (and losing to Ottawa in the Grey Cup) Saskatchewan missed the playoffs every year until 1988. I remember in 1988 the Riders' marketing slogan was "11 years is enough".

Believe me, I haven't enjoyed the misery of the last few seasons, but other teams have gone through longer dry spells.

Having said that, I was at the game last night, and I agree that it was awesome to finally see the Cats clobber the blue team on their home turf again.

I'm still a bit nervous about our defence (particularly our pass rush), but our offence was a joy to behold.

In addition Saskatchewan has only won 3 grey cups in their history. So they have suffered many years. Their fans are awesome and stick behind the team.

You’re really disappointed with the defense? I was really impressed with them, myself. I was impressed with the offense too, but we know Jesse is capable of that kind of game, beautiful as it was. NOt alot of big plays on D but there were a couple of sacks, a nice strip and recovery by Gordon, and just all around solid play. Holding a team to 13 points is pretty good defense.

I didn't say I was disappointed with our defence, but I did say I was nervous about them.

As in week one, there were times we let the blue team off the hook when we had them in a corner. Case in point: when penalties backed them up to their own 5 yard line, and we let them make a big passing play for the first down.

That 95 yard blue team march looked pretty strong.

Joseph was victimized by some dropped balls that could have made a big difference.

For much of the game, the Argo play-calling didn't lean to Joseph's strengths.

Bethel Johnson left the game in the 2nd quarter with an injury, so our defence wasn't facing their biggest deep threat for a full 4 quarters.

Despite the couple of sacks, most of the game I didn't think we got very much heat on Joseph.

I want our defence to be dominant, and I'm not writing them off yet. I agree they got the job done against Toronto.

I just don't think the Argos last week were the best test for the defence to measure themselves against. I'm not yet convinced they'll be able to contain a more capable offensive team like Edmonton, Calgary or Montreal (again). But I'm hopeful. :wink: