Ban Umbrellas

90% chance of rain tonight , hate them ,blocks my view , rain runs down in front of me and all over my legs and its a weapon or projectile ! what's your take?! :twisted:

8) I thought you weren't going to any games this season, and were taking the year off :wink:
  Or are you just taking the year off, with regards to your season tickets ??

   I do agree with you regarding the umbrellas though   <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->

Umbrellas are intrusive pretty much everywhere people use them. When I walk around on rainy days downtown I almost always get poked in the head or back by the tips that stick out all around the edge.

IMO anything that intrudes on other people should be banned. Period.

Only old ladies should ever be allowed to use them.

There is no place for umbnrellas in a football stadium. If you don't want to get wet, wear a plastic poncho or proper rain gear. I totally agree that umbnrellas are intrusive to other fans.

Platinum seats boys ! won them at work through a raffle , bosses wife works for TIcats we usually have a corporate tent for Labour Day! Maybe a 3 pack if I like it !!! :rockin:

Ban umbrellas?????? about,we just ban rain instead!!!! :lol: :roll: :wink:

This won't work some people use they as sun shades. Soak it up fokes, this is football and weather is part of the game.

Umbrellas should not be allowed into any sports venue.

Obstructive more than intrusive, but I get the point...they are both.

Wear proper rain attire, get wet or stay home.

At the Edmonton game, some fans were told at the gate they could not bring in their umbrellas. Not sure if that'sthe policy. Anyway,I go with my trusty poncho - always stay dry (secret is dont stand up or your seat gets wet!)

Off to Guelph now, with my poncho.


One Ti-Cat fan on one of the recent posts had a good idea, you buy rain ponchos at the Dollar Store for a buck and they come in Yellow? Bring the Poncho or Garbage Bag and keep the Umbrellas at home!!