Ban Air Horns

Air horns have no place in stadiums. Whether manually pumped or electronic they ruin the game.

That stadium needs fan noise no matter what

Odd hill to die on.

Good on ya, I guess.

I agree. Fan noise, not Can noise. ?

Hi AirHornsSuck. I always wondered where you stood on the great air horn debate. Thanks for clarifying your position.

ExPat made me laugh but I do agree 100% with AirHornsSuck.

You could destroy someone's hearing with those things.

Perhaps you would prefer to watch the game at home...or at the sanctity of your local library.

I do, indeed. But, when I go, I hope/pray my fellow fans will be considerate of each other.

Also, on a related note, what with the fans screaming and yelling after positive outcomes for their teams? A polite soft clap show your appreciation just as much

It's not the same thing as an air-horn.

Air Horns should be banned. Fans who bring them are inconsiderate S.O.B.'s.

Argos need artificial means - including air horns, stadium loudspeakers and drum corps - to make the noise that their sad-sack fans are incapable of making through natural means.

It's not the point. If something is capable of damaging someone's ear drum permanently, it should not be allowed.

Sad, yet true.

Most teams ban air horns because they want to protect the fans ears.

In Toronto, the Argonauts encourage the air horns to protect the managements asses.

You must be fun at parties

These young whipper snappers don't know how to have a good time without making noise.