Ban Access_Media

This guy has completely hijacked the forum, completely losing its credibility. The guy has all these ridiculous posts an never provides a source to his claims. How many threads does this clown need to make?! As soon as I see Access_Media I don't click on it, and the ones I've previously been interested in I no longer go cause I know A_M has most likely posted more ridiculous posts. Ban the guy, or this forum becomes an absolute joke with clowns like him behind a keyboard.

maybe because i am the most resourceful member here. do you always tell people they are wrong when you are the one wrong.

i stand by my reports as they are accurate. why dont you go hide like a troll for a week and come back when it gets reported public by the national media.

sounds fair.

now go away

You realize that you’re just finding him right ?

And Access, it would be nice if you provided sources.

does other media give out their sources? get real.
i stand by my reports.

Considering how often you've been wrong, yeah sources would be nice.

I've also noticed that you "Break News" over here, even though some things have been reported by respected media members. Try and justify it all you want, but clearly you've caused a problem here.

Sources. I don't need no stinking sources.


Unless you have credibility and papers that show you're media outlet you have to show where you get your reports from.

You can't take credit for something unless you can prove it.

It's called plagiarism.

And since you have no proof that you're a credible source you're not factual.

my name isn’t rod pederson lol

and you’re also not any form of media.

HAVE to agree with MEDIA. 50% of all news or sport sources are false, but people believe them. QUOTE news to day from Facebook that people generate false statements that go viral on Facebook that are bogus. Facebook to start monitoring.
Sports reporter states" this MAY happen" this could happen or will happen some day soon. ALL BS.
Reporters get payed by creating news not real inside news reporting. I hear and dislike poster that say "give me your source???" Like you have source's??
But don;t ask that of Gary Lawless, Don Cheery, Bob McCowen. Oh that's fact?? Is IT. Or opinion.
My opinion or anyone's is as good as most reports opinion any time any day.

I agree completely, BAN Access_Media!!

He's making this forum almost unreadable, I'm close to quitting.

It's a testament to the total lack of moderation here that such an obvious troll has been allowed to continue so long.

I mean, at least McMahon or Mattsdad tried to make stuff sound even remotely plausible. Access makes up obvious BS, is never able to cite a source for anything, then starts hurling insults when actual data shows that he is full of it, but never comes up with any evidence to try and defend his idiocy.

It's great for a laugh, but that's about it. The league should probably want to project a better image than the delusional troll.

Ignore Him.

Do No Respond to his threads.

He'll go away.

I mean, he's having a conversation with himself on one of the threads. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

So when Access said that the Toronto office space market was in collapse, and the actual data shows the opposite of that? You believe him... why? Down 200% this year, it's amazing!

When he says "I don't know anyone who watched that game, therefore the entire national rating number is a lie", you believe him... why? He also just forgot about 20 million of Canada's population, but hey, those people don't really count, right?

While we're talking about gullible people and false news, you're making a great example of the problem. He's worse than Marty York, who at least had to be right occasionally or was risking his credibility. Anonymous trolls don't get paid and don't worry about such things.

The problem isn't really Access Media, it's the moderators, or the lack thereof. I've never really seen a pro-sports forum so poorly moderated to the point that you have to continually put people on ignore. I'm thinking about just sticking to Riderfans for my CFL fix, it has far higher traffic anyways. Maybe these forums need to be just shut down if the moderators continue to be so inept and unprofessional.

downtown toronto is in the worst shape its been since 1996. You have the nerve to argue with me on this?

And if you include every single person that watches tv then you got some 2 year olds being calculated in watching sports loll.

everything you say tridus makes us dumber for reading your gibberish. you make zero sense.

Or that just ONE of his predictions came true...

[i]Johnny says DON'T ban Access_Media.

Yes, he is a pain in the arse. But, he has not broken any forum rules. Read his stuff, or don't.

But, it's also fair game to question, ridicule and mock him for posting his garbage. But banning him? No. You can't ban people just because you don't like what they write (if they don't break any forum rules). [/i]

A little birdie told me that Access_Media uses Twitter under the name @AuburnWild

I agree 100% Johnny ! :thup: .....There are a few so-called legit posters I would rather have banned but I don't call them out......Area51 umm, I mean Access Media is OK in my books. He has done nothing wrong except maybe get under some poster's skins... He does talk CFL football !