Baltimore CFL fan facebook page

Cool to see there are still fans of the Stallions

Does this link not work n Canada?

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so Frick and Frack have now become turncoats towards the CFL.

How quickly Dan and Jay forget where they came from.

Since I can't see the video.... Are frick and frack being kind to the CFL? I remember during one CFL hilight reel on TSN, when the hilight showed a dropped pass, and Otool said,"that's why you are not in the NFL"

Dan O'Toole quickly mentions the CFL strike being resolved, with Jay Onrait following with;

"So get ready for our new CFL show with former CFLers Doug Flutie, Warren Moon and Rocket Ishmail, who will appear on this network (FOX Sports)....when Hell freezes over........that'll never happen."

Once we get a 10th team I'm pushing that it be called the Stallions. With the same colour scheme, logo, unis, everything. Whether it be in Quebec, Moncton, Halifax or elsewhere I would love to see the Stallions back in the CFL.

Thanks Bungle, I had forgotten Onrait existed till you brought this link here. Now I don't know if I'm pissed off that you did remind me he shares this planet with me, or if I'm ecstatic with my parents that I wasn't born Jay Onrait.

I heard from a very very reliable reporter who use to have a daily column and weekly feature on TSN "THAT Baltimore has been given a very close look at by CFL owners" however will be passed over AGAIN. The leading contender is NOW THE Turks and Caicos Islands which will be a new Canadian territory within the next 3 years. Apparently they will play in the Western Division avoiding switching Winnipeg back and forth again as this has confused players over the past 5 years.
And Marty says Hi to all. All most a done deal.

even if that was true, the west would then have 6 teams. Sorry man....gotta call BS here. the locations you mention have been discussed before on this board and dont have anything close to a proper stadium even and Canada dropped the discussion of doing this yet again almost 3 years back

Yes of coarse its a pull. But would be awesome to have a team in Turks and Caicos Islands. But not going to happen??