Balsam Gate

Why on earth was the line so long to get into the game? It took literally 20 minutes to get into the stadium today. Unacceptable.

You have to get to the game earlier. I went to my seats at 6:35 or so and saw the line up at Balsam gate. Everyone likes to get to the game 15-20 minutes before kick off.

Might I suggest coming 30-40 minutes prior to game time and you won't have that problem.

I like getting to the games about an hour or so before game time. I can get in with no problems, I can get my food with no line ups, I can get a good parking spot and I can get a good spot to watch warmups.

It shouldn't matter what time you get to the game.

There were 23,000 people there(many disguised as empty seats). You shouldn't have to wait to get into the stadium for longer than a few minutes.

I believe there were three gates open on the Balsam side, each with two turnstiles.

You do the math.

We waited and almost missed kickoff and we got there just before 6:45. I've never waited that long to get into a game. It was a little frustrating.

...Blame Al-kida :lol:

i got there about 5 minutes to kickoff and got in pretty quick. if you go to the center lines its a lot faster.