Balls in the Stands

I love the idea of the Cats throwing souvenir balls into the stands before the game.

However, when one is kicked into the endzone seats, Security charges down and takes the ball from the lucky fan who caught the ball. He clearly didn't want to give up his souvenir and got it back from the security, The wrestling match was on, with members of the Hamilton Police joining in to assist in the football's safe capture and return into the hands of CFL officials.

Chris Williams sets a return record. Keeps the ball.

Sam Fournier recovers his first CFL fumble. Keeps the ball.

Rutley fets his first ever CFL TD. Keeps the ball.

Stala punts one into the stands. Fan catches and keeps the ball.

Does Bob make the players pay for the balls they keep?

Major league baseball loses 3 dozen balls into the stands during a 9 inning game, both fouled off and thrown into by players at innings end.

Shame on the Cats for their treatment of the fan in the endzone on his loss of souvenir and removal from the game.

Double standard. If it's thrown into the crowd during celebration you can have it...but if it's kicked in, you have to give it back??


That bit of business goes way beyond shameful, the man that had caught that ball only had the chance because on-field staff didn't get the net up on time, and even then the guy doesn't keep it for himself he hands it forward to a kid a couple rows ahead of him. Is this not the exact kind of people we want sitting in our stands on game day? A guy that will give away a game ball to a Kid?
Security takes the ball from the kid, the guy that originally caught it takes it back from security and the rest was witnessed by the entire stadium. The team, after removing the man that caught the ball from the game took the kid a replacement novelty ball from the store, like that's anywhere near as cool to a kid as a game ball from the final Labour Day at Ivor Wynne.
The team say's it's policy, and if that's true it's a very recently implemented one, like within the last couple years. We had a ball from Terry Vaughn's final game come into the stands, no one from the team bothered to ask for it back, two years ago a ball came up behind the bench and the ball boy climbs the rail and demanded it back from a fan with enough physical challenges that his chances of ever getting one again are slim to none.
This year numerous balls have gone into the stands with no one trying to retrieve them, why doesn't this policy apply stadium wide on all days? The value of a ball to the team is $75.00 - $100.00, is there any doubt that the fan arrested and led out in handcuffs after seeing one drive of the game won't come back? That pretty makes the statement that the team value that football, a hundred dollars more than the patronage of the type of fan that looks out for and tries to enhance the experience of other fans.

It’s my understanding that the players DO actually pay for the balls that they keep for milestone achievements or toss/kick into the stands. This is a league thing. The team is charged by the league for the balls taken out of rotation & in turn the team can decide whether to charge the individual player for keeping or donating it to the fans. I have heard that some players have been charged by the team because management did not feel it to be a milestone worthy ball and/or it was silly to boot it into the stands.

Balls that go into the stands on FG’s, converts, errant punts etc, are a different matter. Teams are charged fornthenballs by the league as well but this is because they supply stadium security & are therefore responsible for the balls. That’s when you’ll see security scramble to recover errant balls that go into the stands.

Same outcome I realize. I think the team’s consider celebratory balls whether kept by the player or handed to fans different than the ones that go into the stands mistakenly.

Many years ago the policy was you gave an errant ball to security & they gave you an autographed ball at the end of the game.

Can you say M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!! LEAGUE :rockin:

The team policy of sending security after a ball is idiotic. How many errant or TD celebratory balls end up in the stands per game? Maybe a couple or even less most games. Yet the fans that catch the ball have a lifetime moment and will want to keep returning to the stadium. Many other fans around the same seating area will have a heightened sense of excitement as the ball sailed towards them and they almost caught a nice souvenir. It makes for a fun gameday experience.

But the stupidity of what happened at the Labour Day game will turn off many of those fans. Especially the casual fans who may not want to return. During the struggle for the ball, nobody in the stands is cheering for security to win. The $75 they recover for the ball may end up costing them thousands in the long run.

^^^That right there. ^^^

Great post.
Im in box E so almost the other side of the field and I could see everyone standing up and watching the security and the police try and get the ball n the guy. I thought he had to of done something else though besides not want to give the ball back. I dono who made the call that they needed the ball back but the team needs to step up and admit that it was a stupid call and if they cant put the net up fast enough then thats there problem and people should be able to keep the balls.

I TOTALLY agree, was never more disappointed in watching that yesterday, do they know they could have a a riot when they did that. Stupid move on the organization on this. Be nice if someone could explain from the organization as to why they do this!

Don't know if anyone mentioned this because I'm not interested enough to read everyone's posts, but the fan was given the ball back near the end of the game.

Common Sense is not that common :wink:

"Give us back that ball, and if you dont like it, then dont come back, kid!"

No he wasn't, people sitting directly beside him said it was a ball from the store and supplied photos of it, plus it wasn't given to the man that originally caught it, he was arrested and removed from the game.

This to me was the most pathetic thing I have ever witnessed in my life.2-3 security guards and 3-4 cops wrestling a man in the stands who caught the ball because it was their on stadium staff that effed up in the first place and couldn't get the net up.I'm not sure what's more pathetic and sad, our 4 game losing streak or robbing a kid of a memory and the fan of his game/pride.Wait, yes I do.This is why people think the CFL is a joke.

My bro in-law was sitting in his wheelchair beyond the west endzone July 14th, when after an Argo incompletion in the endzone, the Cat defender kicked the incomplete ball after it bounced off the turf. Well it ended up striking my bro in-law in the shouder.....(bad shoulder but that's another story...not trying to milk's just the facts) as he was looking to his right while chatting with a friend....otherwise the former football player would have caught it. Anyway, not looking for drama here. But, the Cat's staff gave him a ticket to the next game. That was nice. But unfortunately, he needs wheelchair seating. He was told that wasn't available. So, he had to give away his ticket of course.
Would have been nice to of at least been given the ball.

On this one here, Bob Young needs to step in. I would like to know how many other teams recover balls in the stands.

that is a bogus charge. because the incident report refers to Hamilton Bylaw 6.1 Section 22 which states,

"Finders keepers losers weepers"

Just so we are 100% clear, the fan who caught the ball dove for it and knocked a boy (about 10 years old) over while making the catch. He felt bad and gave it to the young lad. Security with police came and took the ball from the boy and then the man who caught the ball got into itwith them and he was removed. They later came back and gave the young boy another ball. I do not know if it was a game ball or what as i did not see this part.

Wow, this story and many stories could have been prevented with a fan first philosophy when it comes to doubt about game balls. Don't under-estimate the value of a game ball to a Tiger-Cat fan. I bought my brother a CFL ball several years ago from National Sports around the $100 range. It was worth every penny. I remember the days before the endzone nets when fans in the East endzone would run a successful convert or fieldgoal kick up to back of the stands and throw it over the back wall......we assume to their waiting friends on Balsam who retrieved it....or if true Hamiltonians caught it direct. Goot memories. lol Take that Dominion for charging us $8.50 a ticket. Remember, I'm from Hamilton. I don't like to get ripped off.......can we all say $2 Billion dollar Pan Am Fiasco together?

Ok, I'll bite, was hesitating to do so in this thread. Yes a football costs a f... of a lot more than a hockey puck or baseball but the ball goes in the stands, end of story, fans ball to keep. Is it really that difficult to figure out?

Good on the Cats or league or whomever to be sure the youngster got the ball but this incident shouldn't have happened, the ball goes in the stands, end of story. My Dad, a big baseball nut, took me to Tiger Stadium, ball hit in the stands, guy behind us caught it, fumbled it, landed on his seat and my Dad grabbed it and gave it to me. C'est la vie.

The words "security" and "ball in the stands" should never happen in the same sentence, paragraph, or story for that matter. It's a fans thing to work out. If a fight results, then security comes in and kicks out the fighter. It's simply a fight, why there was a fight is irrelevant, fighter or fighters get tossed from the stadium.

synthcat, PanAms fiasco? What else would put Hamilton on an international map with games that have more particpants than a Winter Olympics and leave some good infrastructure behind with a good portion of the costs coming from the province? Remember, we are talking Hamilton here, not a city like Toronto that has a lot more international type stuff than here from the get go. What else in going to pump money into Morelli's riding? Not a hel... of a lot from what I can see.

We all seem to be in agreement. The ball is in your court Mr. Young.