Ballard trophy should be destroyed

Ballard trophy should be destroyed ... l-1.356370

This is one of the few times I agree with Bungle, save that I would just rename it. Preferable the QEW trophy as it Ballard infamously took down a portrait of the queen from Maple Leaf Gardens because "She ain't paying me anything to be here" so it would be fitting irony,

While I love seeing Leafs fans squirm at the mere mention of Harold Ballard, the man is not worthy of being lionized.

He was an anti-union, racist, sexist, convicted fraudster who gleefully destroyed decades of sports history to feed his own ego. The fact that the Toronto fan base still went to game with this owner, who outright admitted publicly that he wasn't spending money on talent because he was filling the building up, I personally feel invoked a curse on that organization. The fact he only bought the Ti-Cats out of petty revenge because he wasn't allowed to buy the Argos is a sad part of our history. He is the man that gave birth to the corporate monstrosity that is MLSE, and that fantasy football style trophy that bears his name doesn't deserve to be in a trophy case, but maybe behind a reception desk at best, and preferably victim to coffee stains.

Bungle post is just more ammo in this case.

Ballard trophy should be destroyed...


Its a joke, all the players and media make fun of it, none of them really know about it or even care. Scrap heap that cheap POS

So the trophy that is named after Harold Ballard is the butt of everyones jokes, is a trophy few know about, what it looks like or that it even exists and those who do know couldn’t care less about it.

Then I say keep it. How can that not be the most appropriate way to “honour” the memory of Harold Ballard. 8)

It seems that the Maple Leafs, and not the Ti-Cats are ones cursed by Harold Ballard... maybe it should be given to the NHL, and awarded to the team that the longest Stanley Cup drought :wink: , that way, the Leafs can say they do win something every year

I firmly believe that Leafs fans invoked the curse, by continuing to sellout the place after he scrapped the pressbox the Hockey Hall of Fame was trying to buy, took down the portrait of the queen and sold the team’s championship banners and outright said “Why would I buy talent when I’m packing the place anyways”

He figuratively told Leafs fans “I’m not trying to win a cup, I just want your money” and they obliged him.

Convicted of fraud and theft, now accused of soliciting a minor?

Burn it.

We can find something else to rub in the argo's face.

Hell, we could find greater quality in the Tim Horton's trash bin, or at least beside the trash bin.

I'm considering writing the Caretaker about this one.


A Tim Horton’s double/double on top of the trophy and every year we stick a timbit on the side with the winners name on it. :cowboy:

We can name it the “Coffee Cup”. :rockin: :rockin:

Didn't know there was one.

I think the Toronto media who are Leaf fans are trying to forget that Harold Ballard ever existed, period. :wink:

It's part of the mystic makeup of Canada though. 8)

The mystery of the Harold Ballard Trophy

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