Ballard documentary on CBC tonight

Nobody has the right to say some of the things Hal did

If you watch the Doc…you’ll know

Very disturbing even during “different times”

It has to be recognized

And Clancy gets treated with the respect he deserves by the Documentary if that helps

That is an illogical and a ridiculous comment .



That's quite the feat by Ballard considering he died in 1990 .

No wonder he was inducted into the HOF .

He has to be the only owner that ever won a championship from the grave .
:headstone: :ghost: :trophy:


Yes Ballard did some sleazy things
They were apprehensible at times
The fact that he had a trouble with Europeans as hockey players is is reprehensible enough
But Ballard is an all-time classic a Maverick and Mavericks are controversial

Okay the 99 grey cup Was Won by a Consortium of owners
Not a single owner so even if Bob wins a gray cup now
He's not the sole owner anymore it's a Consortium again

Maybe we can get a Consortium of Maverick Ballard types if that helps

I didn't know you knew them personally.

What were they like when the press weren't around?

The story is on this website somewhere in the archives
But I'll tell it once more I was volunteering at a political convention
Staying with a friend's family

I was told to get dressed we were going to a leaf game
So I proceeded to put on a T-shirt and jeans ...
When I came out of the bathroom dressed I was told I needed a suit and tie
Turns out the family I was staying were was members of the leaf board of directors

At the end of the first period we went down
Into an area designated for members of the leaf board
I got a Coke and was sitting there want all of a sudden King Clancy
Came into the room he introduced himself
And I let him know how excited I was about the CFL playoffs
We talked for a little more and he told me leave my jacket in the boardroom

At the end of the third period I went and picked up the jacket
And they were tickets to the Eastern final and a note from King
All the best King Clancy enjoy the game

As for Ballard he popped into the boardroom for about 10 minutes
Talk to King and myself for about three and then he proceeded back to his little cubby hole in Maple Leaf Gardens

Both men were different but they respected each other


Ballard was one of a kind I don't think we'll see another guy like him