Ballard Cup!?

Read the article on the Ballard Cup As per article Sat front page Spec SPorts ,The Trophy is hard to find on the internet ? Where is it kept ? CFl hall of fame or does it shuttle between Toronto and Hamilton each year , if anyone has a picture of today's prize please post it?! :cowboy:

i was literally just thinking to myself, "do they still hand out the Ballard cup each season??"

If they don't what a FARCE :thdn: The CFl should have a Trophy for this series and the Atlantic Bowl!!!

Just read the article you mentioned, nice to hear that the new guys are getting amped up for these games with the Agros. I will be making a ton of noise this afternoon and fully expect to see the Cup being presented to our boys come the final whistle. OSKEE WEE WEE!!!!!!!

I'm also very curious to know where the Ballard Cup hibernates in the offseason. Does it stay with the winning team?? Does it stay with the Ballard family?? The CFL Hall of Fame?? Does it only come out for the game in which it is won and then disappear till next year?? Someone must know......

Also, I wonder if it wouldn't make sense to use the Ballard Cup as more of an advertising tool so that it doesn't fall into obscurity with the casual Ti-Cat fan

Trophy at Stake
June 22, 1986 | Associated Press
Canadian Football League Commissioner Doug Mitchell added a new twist to the long-standing rivalry between the Toronto Argonauts and Hamilton Tiger-Cats with the unveiling of the Harold E. Ballard Trophy. The $9,000 trophy, named after the 82-year-old owner of the Tiger-Cats and the National Hockey League's Toronto Maple Leafs, is to be awarded each year to the winner of the regular-season series between the two teams. "It (the trophy) will never be in Toronto," predicted Ballard.

Found this but no picture of the Trophy is it actually handed out today?

That's the thing, I can't remember the last time i saw the trophy, it has been a quite a while, I hope it will be there

I wonder if the Caretaker would clarify how it is managed and awarded??

i dont thing it is handed out the season series is just bragging rights however i do remeber seeing it in the ticat office in the early 90s on display

Ballard and King Clancy

Notice Ballards combo Ticats/Leafs jacket

"While the Leafs struggled in 1978, Ballard turned his attention away from hockey to purchase the Hamilton Tiger Cats of the Canadian Football League for $1.5 million. The endeavor proved to be both a financial and personal embarrassment. Dabbling in the team's daily operations, he destroyed the team's on-field fortunes and lost $20 million in the process. Finally, in 1989, he cut his losses and, disgusted, sold the team to the City of Hamilton for one dollar. He later commented on the city fathers: "One guy over there is growing marijuana and all the others are smoking it." "

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8) At least Pal Hal won a Grey Cup for us, in 1986, during his tenure as owner of the TiCats !!! :D

Great quote on the city Fathers...nothing has changed!

Multiple things in this thread I love.

First off, what the hell is the Ballard Cup? Well after reading this thread I now know but I had no clue it even existed before opening this thread. The trophy was created a little bit before I was born but still you would think I'd have heard and or seen it in my life time. And that's not me being a bigot know-it-all, it's just if the trophy exists, why the hell isn't it promoted more or something, I have been a massive Cats fan my whole life and never heard of it.

As much as people bash Ballard, for a person who didn't have to live through those days he just cracks me up. That jacket is a piece of gold, I absolutely hate the Leafs but that is a sweet jacket.

Also his comment about the City Fathers lmao I wish sports figures were still that animated, sold the team for 1$ and called everyone a pothead... that's class people.


Based on this series of tweets:

[url][/url] appears to stay with the winning team. Unless that was just all talk.

So the 9000,00 cup that was made in 1986 as per article I posted doesn’t get presented to the winner it’s just sitting I guess at the CFL HAll of fame? So I get it it’s just bragging rights ! :roll:

WE want the Cup where is it!


I vaguely recall seeing it once. Can anyone in the Ticat organization see if they can actually post a photo of it because there is nary a photo of it on the Internet by my Googling.

I loved Harold Ballard but suspect we will eventually call it the Harold Brailey Cup. :smiley: