Ballard Cup?

I asked this question in the main CFL forum, but I'm thinnking I might have more luck with the question here.

Up until last year, I had never heard of the Ballard Cup. In fact, I haven't heard much about it since (nothing form the media, that's for sure). Is there an actual physical trophy called the Ballard Cup, or is it just the name given to the traditional rivalry/series with the Argos?

If there is a trophy, can you point me to a picture?

How long has this name been in use?

There is a real trophy yes.

Here is a photo of Bob Young and a few players with the cup last year:

Winning the Ballard cup is almost as good as winning the Grey Cup.

At one point we used to do the onfield presentation of it, I'm not sure why it ever stopped but I'd sure like to see it presented again after the series was won.

I believe it was created in the '80's on a suggestion from Wally Zatylny (who played for both teams during his career). It goes the to winner of the regular season series between the teams each year. I