Ballard Cup Avatar Wager

Hamilton and Toronto play this Saturday to determine the winner of the season series, and who gets to take home the Ballard cup.

If you're confident you're team will win then wager your forum avatar, if you lose you have to change it. any changes stay in place until the winning team is eliminated from the playoffs.

Eg. if toronto, by an act of Beelzebub somehow wins I will trade my beloved stripes in for a T.O. logo., until they are bumped out of the post-season.

If hamilton wins, fans of the double blue that wager need to use a Hamilton logo, and admit that the 2012 Grey Cup was rigged. :wink: :lol: ok, i kid about the second part.

who's game?

Ballard Cup? winner?

shouldn't anything with the name Ballard and its cup be for the loser of the series?

Oh man your setting yourself up for failure... :lol: Toronto wins Guaranteed!!

And BTW 2012 Cup was 100% fixed.

BYE BYE ARGOS !!!!!!! GO CATS GO !!!!!!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: