Ball released, Davis on active roster

The Bombers Facebook page says that David Ball has been released and that Chris Davis has moved from the PR to the active roster.

Ball doesn't seem to be able to stick anywhere despite all the hype from college.

Did he make into the preseason games?

He played in the first pre-season game but not the second one in Hamilton because of an injury.

Moves like this always appear sort of odd.

First the team sets its' roster, putting player A on the active roster and releasing and then parking on the practice roster player B.

Barring injury, that leads you believe that the team thinks player A is better than player B.

Then, even before game #1, they go and release player A and promote player B to the active roster. So now it looks like they think player B is better than player A, whereas just days earlier they had it the other way around.

Make up your minds !!!!

......i don't think Ball getting hurt helped him any.....Davis on the other hand is faster and has pretty good hands...AND can return kicks...(may use him in that capacity fri.)...AND he may have a little extra for his former team next game....we'll see....I know that Davis has talent....He just has to quit the 'chirping' at the opposition (fault of his) and burn them for some nice gainers... I hope he gets the chance...All will be good :wink:

Carlton Medder (import o-lineman) has now taken Davis' spot on the PR. We still have one open spot and speculation is Thaine Carter will be added now that the new CBA has been ratified.

Cancel the speculation about Carter.

In today's FP:

Was that Thaine Carter running through the ladder with injured DB Clint Kent at practice today? It sure was. The non-import linebacker was released by the club last week but has been hanging around due to a groin injury. The Bombers are on the hook to get him healthy before he can find other work. That won’t be in Winnipeg, though. LaPolice said Carter is not in the club’s plans right now.

what's interesting though is that he's not on their roster in any form, whether PR or injured list, and he's not in their plans, but he's on the field running drills, not with the team mind you, but still on the field.

....///guess we just can't say goodbye to Ball...he was signed to the Bombers pr today...He must have something we like :roll: the musical player moves continue :lol: