Ball control offence

Sorry to say but the best way to beat Calgary is to control the ball with short passes and a running game .

Thier offence is just way to powerful, passing and throwing to let them have the ball all the time .And thier kicking game is great too so they are always close to the scoring zone .

So with Holmes back I think we can confuse them with short passes to Holmes and and Vaughn and running with Ranek and Holmes . Sure we can try the odd deep ball but we dont want to have to many second and long situations .

The running game may be tough to get going with Donelly in at tackle but we have to keep trying it and hope that we can keep them off balance .

The best thing that could happen tonight is that we get good returns on punts with Holmes back . That takes alot of pressure of our offence if we can get out of holes with some long returns . I see no reason why our offence cant have a stellar night !!!

only problem is that their LBs are the best in the business. The secondary not so much.

However this is also an offence that put up 53 points against Saskatchewan. Therefore there must be some attempt to keep them off the field.

Mid range passes (of the 15-20 yard variety) are IMO the best way to beat this team. (all the while still keeping them honest with a few hitch passes and a lot of runs and sweeps with Holmes and Ranek.)

this is a game where, (and i hate to mention it) Jesse Lumsdon's skill set would really help.