Ball cheap shot on Lauthier

Anyone see the cheap shot by Ball ON Lauthier ?

Does this warrant a payback to Ball or their kicker Watters ?

That was a purely classless cheap hit. Lauther wasn't a factor on the play at all.

Ball got the penalty and that finishes it. Retribution on Swayze would be even worse as it would show a conscious decision for payback on a non-involved player.

The TiCats kicking the A*go's asses on Thanksgiving works for me. Taking care of Ball with a few heavy hits would be a nice bonus too.

Sure did. So did the officials. At first, I was wondering why it was penalized, but found it in the rules.

Payback? I've never liked when teams do that.

Agreed. No payback required. Play smart, disciplined football. The Argos didn't on Friday night & I'm sure Milanovitch is reading them the riot act & coming down hard on some players/coaches for it!

A quiet payback is usually OK but "don't get caught" so do it in the first 3 minutes of the game not when the game is on the line...remember the faceguard penalty???

The best pay back will be to lay a good drubbing on them. Then smile as we walk off the field.

Don't waste time on the other stuff. Let the Argos wallow in that muck.

No payback, I have zero doubt Milanovich is going to do that for us, he's doesn't strike me as classless and he certainly doesn't want that crap and needless 15 yard penalties being taken.

Ger9: Thanks for starting this thread. I was starting to think my perception of what I saw was wrong.
That was not a heat of the moment action. Ball came up behind Lauthier after the play was dead and decked him with a forearm smash to the back of the head. For those with PVRs etc. time 1:14 of the 4th Quarter.
This should be a league fine and at least a 1 game suspension. I feel he got lucky with the unnecessary roughness call and should have been ejected from the game.
If he plays T'giving I think as a DB he should receive some super heavy blocking for educational upgrading.

A fine at most. There won’t be a suspension. And don’t bother with any special attention. If you do that, you’re playing his game and not focusing on your own.

It was a dick move by Ball, but the kicker needs to keep his head screwed on when he's heading downfield.

Yes...because you know every kicker should be ready to get hit from behind with an illegal block in the back, half the field away, possibly after, or mere moments before the play has been blown dead. :roll:

Nevermind Chad Owens trying to fish for a BS unnecessary roughness call by trying to fake taking the knee, then getting up and then taking the knee at the last second.

There should be a fine for that hit for sure. Easily could have been much worse if Lauther snaps his head back as a result. No room for that play in football in my opinion.

I agree totally a dirty play and cheap shot, I'm sure the league would look at it if it was a shot to the head but a penalty never the less and one the refs got right for a change, I give them credit for that.

Ball was just being an idiot and trying to get in Lauthiers head like Calgary was doing, trying to intimidate the guy and throw him off his game.

Ball is a punk. Hitting a kicker from behind is pathetic enough, but hitting a ROOKIE kicker is a punk move and I hope he does get fined. Don't expect a suspension. Laing didn't get one for the deliberate helmet to helmet on Riley so this won't get one. As for payback, I would like to see him get flattened, but winning is the best payback

Not only was it classless cheap shot but it showed a lack of respect for the game, a fellow professional and competitor.
I do believe there was intent to injure also

In case anyone wants another look, the TSN VOD is here:

[url=] ... /video/464[/url]

The play is at 01:34:45 of the video (game time 14:15 left in the 4rth quarter). Ball's hit is shown in a replay at 01:36:10 of the video.

This was no mere illegal block as Ball intentionally and maliciously sucker punched Lauthier in the back/side of the head far outside the play.

a cowardice action by Ball. :thdn:

The hit was illegal - came from the backside. Having said that, had this being from the front end - I love it! A hard noise football play. Don't let the kickers have a nice jog in your park, this isn't the CIS kids...wake up. Hits like these make kickers think a little to hard before their critical plays.

Again - this hit was illegal and warranted a penalty (if not game misconduct).

Even if it had been from the front, it could have been and probably would have been called Unnecessary Roughness.

[b]RULE 7 – FOULS & PENALTIES SECTION 2 – MAJOR FOULS NOTE:[/b] The Rules Committee has declared its total abhorrence of Rough Play and Unnecessary Roughness. Officials are instructed that no tolerance whatsoever is to be given to infractions under this Section. [b]Article 3 – Unnecessary Roughness[/b] A player shall be penalized for any act of unnecessary roughness against an opponent, including but not limited to: ... (o) Unnecessary physical contact, including but not limited to, running into, diving into, cut blocking or throwing the body on a player who is:

i) out of play, or
ii) should not have reasonably anticipated such contact by an opponent, before or after the ball is dead; …

Was Lauther out of the play? At that point, yes. Should he have reasonably been expecting to be hit that hard at that point, given how far from the play he was? Probably not, although I’m thinking he won’t be quite so nonchalant next time.

But as the hit was from behind, that’s a double whammy, and might have even deserved an ejection. Possibly a small fine.

And Lauther? Keep your head in the game. It’s football.