bald coaches vs. full-haired coaches

Would Mike Kelly have been released by the Bombers if he had a full head of hair like Marcel Bellefeuille?

Marcel has had some flat years and he's still there.

Can you say hair-ism?

I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts about this. Are some inept coaches kept around to maintain a female fan following (FFF)?

....Don't know bout hair but apparently there's a few who really like Marcels blue eyes in the hammer....Dunigan being one of them and he's not a lady....go figure :lol: ...When Dinwiddie was in the Peg he had a lot of ladies falling in luv with his eyes....So my conclusion is that it has more to do with the eyes rather than hair... Popp has lots of hair...didn't last long as coach ...OMG...i can't believe i actually replied to this thread :roll: :lol:

Oh, that's awesome. :lol:

Ahhh, old dreamy eyes Dinwiddie.

As a woman I find that to be a rather insulting question.

Besides, everyone knows players' butts in stretchy pants is for women what cheerleaders are for men.

I don't know who Dinwiddlie is or the Hammer. Maybe it's best I don't know.

Is this your first season following the CFL?

I guess you haven't noticed that the team that is still undefeated this season is lead by Kavis Reed, who happens to be bald? Maybe that's why... all those insults just slide off ... he must spray his melon with Pam everyday... :lol:

Bishoff...the Alouettes sometime special teams coach is basically a skinhead
He's still got his job
Despite the most appalling ST performance of any Alouettes team in memory

Oh and Trestman is "baldish"
If you can catch him without that baseball cap
Doesn't look like he'll be let go any time soon

Bang goes that theory

It creeps me out to think that he/she/it has an obession for baldness... it could be that coaching skills have more sway than wether or not the coach is a Yul Brynner wannabe...

I don't think it is the hair.... coach with man boobies are the ones that don't do so well. Even Wally can't win now that he has man boobies. :lol:

No man boobies club

Man boobies club

Man boobies watch

He may not have noticed that the guy who was hired to replace Kelly is also bald.

Does anyone else find it disturbing that HfxTC looks to see whether coaches have man boobies? :wink:

LOL i keep thinking he IS MIKE KELLY

Funny that this should come up today. I went on a bus trip today, and they played a bunch of episodes of 30 Rock. In one of them, Alec Baldwin's character tells a bald character to wear a wig because fully-haired people are more successful than bald people or something like that (I have no idea whether this is actually true or if it was just made up for the show).

To respond to the original question, I think more than just one example of a bald coach and another example of coach with "air" are needed before a general pattern can be inferred. Someone who invokes the name of the esteemed Ernst Zermelo ought to know better than to make such wild extrapolations from such a small data set.

How can someone go around making all sorts of suggestions on how to "improve" the CFL when they haven't even been paying attention long enough to know what the Hammer is?

Don't forget Barker. He's working on a D cup.

Seinfeld had an episode about this too...concerning George.

Think about it. Before this year, Hamilton sucked. The play calling sucked. Marcelle (spelling) came back for another year. I can't think of another reason why.

BC sucks again this year. Wally has a full head of hair. He's still there.

When was the last time a president in the United States was bald that won an election?

I think there's hair-ism in the CFL. All in fun guys.

Actually, the last couple of years, Hamilton DIDN'T suck. 9-9, second in the East to Montreal, home playoff game. When you look at what they had before, this was a tremendous turnaround, and any talk of firing the coach would have been laughed off by everyone who knows the first thing about football.

Anyway, while I don't claim to have any inside information, I highly doubt that Bob Young and Bob O'Billovich got together and agreed that they didn't want any bald people associated with the team.

Just a guess.

So I take it you haven't been to the Ti-Cats forum recently? :lol: