Balckout should be lifted tonight.

Blackout should be lifted tonight for fans that can not get out to the game, but i still encourage fans to get down to bc place stadium, and lets try to push for 40,000 tonight.

hey dupsie, how about those canucks hey. Told ya they were not going to even make the playoffs. You better off sticking with the lions.

Lions = champs
Canucks = chumps.

Now your encouraging fans to come to the game!Thats great to hear,but why now Dupsdell?? Coming from you is basically admitting you were wrong about this team after bashing them all year long.

I'd hate to come to the defense of dups, but i don't like hearing people rip on the 2008 stanley cup champions. I'm a huge Lions fan.

I hear you, but whats that got to do with either the canucks or the lions??? :twisted:

The fact that the Canucks are gonna win the stanley cup.

you expecting some nonis to pull off some miracle one sided trades, or next yrs rookies to all compete for rookie of the yr??

I think the lions could field a team to beat todays canucks in hockey. They would just have to borrow the canucks backup goalie.

unless maybe mr versatile anderson could play goalie.

I love the lions man, but seriously the Canucks were in the second round last year after having a shitty first half, we do the same again can easily win the cup with luongo.

So the game is blacked out on StarChoice High Definition but being shown on the regular TSN feed. Go Figure

where are you??

37 000 Not bad for a Edmonton game. Maybe Dups is on our side now I knew if we showed him enough love hed come to the light. Were you at the game?

Blackout = bush league

I don't care if some NFL teams engage in the practice. It's bush. Full stop.

Black-outs have been part of the CFL as far back as I can remember . At least we don't have province blackouts like they do in Sask.

what are the terms of the new TSN contract starting next year re blackouts? How many blackout games are there per season/team?

I think that they should go back to lifting the blackout minutes before selected games just before they begin like they did a few years back. (provided of course that a large number of tickets have been sold ahead of time ensuring a large crowd). That way you keep people guessing. Those who desire to see the games will go out of fear of not seeing the game entirely, and the product will get more exposure on TV which may cause the casual fan to be persuaded to take in a game live.