Balance = WIN

Where has this been all yr, need balance to win, couldn't believe when I heard that the cats were throwing the ball 80% of the time, here's their play calling through tonights game.
GM-1 16-37 LOSS
GM-2. 15-36. LOSS
GM-3. 15-32. WIN (but everyone beats the PEG)
GM-4. 8-31. LOSS
GM-5. 12-24. LOSS
GM-6. 28-30. WIN
I don't know who called the plays tonight but its basic football, need BALANCE to win, teams don't need to prepare for the run against us cause we don't run the ball, don't even try. Tonight we looked like a football team by far best game all yr, the D-Line was great and beat up Reilly, just all round solid game..

The Riders are a perfect example of this situation. Durant's not leading the league in passing but he doesn't need to since his RB Sheets rips off 140 yards a game. There 5-0 record speaks for itself.

Tonight's game planning & scripting was amoungst the best I've seen in years. A balanced attack in run vs. pass. A change of pace with LeFevour running the read-option. Multiple sets. Double TE's. 2 RB's AND a FB. Over-set formations ... loved, Loved, LOVED IT!!!

Henry managed the game well. Spread the ball around. Worked his progressions. Threw quickly. Threw it away when he had to.

Gable ran hard. Walker busted out.

The Oline was able to dictate things rather than just sit back on their haunches in pass protection.

The Cats had a 156 yards rushing last night between Gable and Walker the most all season so far in a single game, Yes definitely the balance to any team is so important and I think Glenn Suitor said the balance of plays by Burris was 60% in favor of the Run and 40% pass??

I like Gable and Walker as our double duo backfield and Delahunt at Fullback and hope Austin keeps this together for the season, place Lamar when healthy on Kick returns and as a wide receiver?

The defense last night rose to the occasion against Edmonton just like against Winnipeg in the Win in Guelph and having the starters back in the line up is Huge, most noticeably Dee Webb, Boudreax, Torrie Davis and Brian Bulke hammered Reilly all night long.

The O Line looked way more balanced , time for Hage to hang up cleats !

Last nights balanced attack was refreshing to see. I hope we can be more balanced going forward. 40% run or higher and we're going to be just fine. I really would like one guy to grab the feature back role; but it looks like we're going to be by committee which can also work sometimes.

The win was a big win because we really needed it that's for sure.

Its hard to have a running attack when your backs and Olinemen have been on and off the injury list through these first five games. Timing and co-ordination are important elements in the plan, and when your personnel are playing musical football chairs on the field, they just dont get that familiarity with each other or the execution.

Austin said a while back that he had to alter the playbook because of this situation, and that likely included the use of any kind of ground game.

Now that he`s getting his starters off the IR, we will likely see more of the running game and increasingly better versions of the same.

I agree with the balance of pass and run. Edmonton is weak against the run, lets see if we can run against some of the other teams.

Injuries or not, its not about having timing, its about keeping the defense honest, if they know your not going to even try running the ball how do you expect to pass when they drop 8 guys into coverage. You have to at least attempt. And if u look at the average per carry it was not all that bad through the 1st 5 games. Take away that spanking in sask and they're averaging over 6-7yds a carry. If you can gain 6 yds everytime you handle the ball off why would you not run it at least 22-25 times a game.

Good points. I don't disagree.

That's exactly it. Not to mention the defensive line is going to pin their ears back and come after the QB.