But the run after the catch was one of the best that I have ever seen.

Who do these Esks think they are having field position on the TO half of the field the entire 1st quarter and they don't convert...2nd and 3?? And you don't hand it off?? F*ck R.D. Lancaster J.R.!! The guy's the shits!

Yes, everyone is commenting on how thew Eskimos have no running attack, but nobody actually knows because the Eskimos don't hand the ball off more than 5 times a game!

Here's Lancaster's game plan: shotgun formation, one player in the backfield, pass. Every play.

He calls the offensive plays the way I do when I play as the Rams in NFL Gameday - and that's not something a professional coach should be doing...

That was Bishop who threw the pass right?

Bishop played? See what you miss when you are working? I missed to 90 yard touchdown passes!

Isn't Danny Mac the Offensive coordinator?....... Either way, putting yourself down by 20 points doesn't exactly put you in a situation to be able to run the ball.......... F*** that was disapointing....... I wanted to see Maas in because of poor judgement by Ray and those retarded penalties. WHAT THE HELL!!!! Fleming my friend, we've seen enough of your BS. Head out of town or shape up god damnit. The Eskies aren't the team we think they are... Well.... I think they are but those god damn penalties... frick. So pissed off........................ but yeah.... If you take away those 2 huge plays by the Argos, toronto is BEAT. The eskimos dominated the 1st quarter and those of you who disagre, stick it up your a**. You know it's true... You could barely get across midfield.....

Eskimoses, you're right on the money. It was 2nd and goal (on T-O 5 yardline about) AND WE THROW oh god.... we're just lucky the argos got a penalty that time....

Esks aren't getting my pick next week against the Als just because.......... I don't care.

...... Missed tackles by Sanchez and Wiltshire and he's gone. Bruce had a great run though. Incredible jump over sanchez to avoid the tackle..... pisses me off though! Arghhhh Take away those two huge plays and its the Eskies ball game. Whatever... They better get a win next week..... Hats off to Allen you're a god man.... You guys have a killer D and it should be a good re-match. Hopefully Fleming can hit his field goals a little more and by then hoepfully we have a running back!..............

and how about those guys kicking in the half time show??? hahaha they beat fleming.. he kicked from 38yards and these guys were hitting them at 40yards. lol man................ Danny Mac I beg you PLEASE!!! go get a running back? :cry:

That was totally anybody's game, but the difference is the fact that Toronto didn't let the Eskimos get any of those long game-breaking plays. Actually, it kind of reminded me of the 2002 Grey Cup...

Also, we might have a running back, but we wouldn't know it because he only touches the ball 5 times per game. It's pretty easy to call defensive schemes against Lancaster Jr.s predictable, pass-happy offense.

I disagree.... you won the battle of field position.... but you did not "dominate the 1st quarter"... the Esks couldn't move the ball at all either... and you didn't put up any pointis in the 1st quarter either... so there was NO dominating...

Good thing this guy isn't a Rider fan...

The ARGOS , lead the whole we WE WON..........!

BISHOP didn’t play…we didn’t need him.

Oh ok wasn't sure there. I didn't get in till about late 3rd quarter.

ALLEN.............329 passing and 3 TD passes.

and 200 of those yards came off 3 plays!

That is what football is all about.........big plays and defence........the ARGOS only got 9 first downs all game and still won.

BAKERS, 90 yard catch and run TD..............was TSN'S............ HIGH LIGHT OF THE NIGHT. :shock: :smiley:

Agree...Good thing these are not rider fans cause everyone on this website be all over them by now like shit to a goose.........BUt we all know only Rider fans whine after a loss right? LMAO

Anyway.......Maas for Keith looking better all the time.

Edmonton's gonna go through a few bumpy spots along, the road but I dont think its cause for concern.

Good Job Toronto! Ricky Ray had 40 for 56? (not sure how much attemps) for 414 yards, 1 TD and 2 Interceptions? That's alot of passing...Does Edmonton even use their RB or what?
Anyway, that TD by Robert Baker - The TD Maker was sweet. Jumps over the Esk player, stif hands him out of the way, shakes and bakes and that big hit by one of the Toronto players #4 at the end-zone - Talbot? to stop one of the Esks players to hit Baker while he was heading his way to the end-zone and Baker dove his way in for the TD was amazing. Good Job Toronto and I knew you guys would pull off a win agaisnt the esks!