Baker Mayfield?

huh :thinking:

what about Baker coming north?

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According to Naylor, he's a bonafide free agent

lol you beat me to the punch!

Never mind the time it would take for him to learn the game here. In the new CBA does his NFL experience count so can make more than the league minimum or does that apply to Canadians only?

He was placed on waivers today, so an NFL team may still pick him up. There's a few teams looking for a warm body.


Yeah, he’ll be holding a micro pad screen as a third stringer before he comes north to our league…

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Has anyone seen the interceptions this guy throws when playing 11 on 11???

How did Vince Ferragamo deal with that extra man???

He was unable to adjust to the Canadian field and game.

Going 3-13 didn't do anything to increase interest in Montreal (made the playoffs a 3rd place team, leading to a push for a better playoff format).

The Alouettes folded the next year replaced by a new team called the Concordes which did zero leading the franchise to be "suspended" for 7 years.

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We still need this...

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I can see the format changing a little bit.

It's a matter of convincing the East (Toronto and Montreal) to agree as the other two might be open to it.

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Niners in need of a QB.

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Mayfield is now a Ram via the waiver wire

Los Angeles Rams claim Baker Mayfield off waivers from Carolina Panthers | TSN

Didn't think that would last long. His CFL debut will have to wait :smiley:

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The Rams...

Talk about a team going nowhere after a home Super Bowl win...Their draft prospects for the next couple of years look terrible after blowing the bank to win it all...

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If he lasts as long with the Rams as he did with the Panthers, he may just make it for CFL training camp :wink:


He may look at the CFL paycheque and take a job coaching at a big high school or small college instead.

I think the mandatory minimum is only for young Canadians. And hopefully that will be amended soon.

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With all due respect to Mr Mayfield, I really don't think he's good enough to play in our league.

I'm glad the Rams picked him up today off waivers eliminating the chance that someone would try to sign him in the CFL.

Aside from what seems to be a diva personality, he lacks the most basic skill required for quarterbacks and that is reading a defense properly.

On top of that he lacks the arm strength and is not particularly that great at scrambling either.


That sucks for Mayfield. Rams are as bad if not worse than the Panthers. I hope for his sake he play well enough to get a contract with a decent team that will commit to him as their starter.

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NFL can keep him.
NFL flame outs do not do well in the CFL.

Most of the successful American players in the CFL, were players that were largely overlooked or did not fit the NFL mold for a player.