Baker a Bomber

according to Global.... Robert Baker has signed on with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers....nice addition if we can get him to 'cool' his temper... when Glenn gets back he'll love this guy as a new target... :thup: goBombers

Hello Brendan get that punching bag up will you! :lol: :lol: Be sure you enlarge the doors a head height so Baker can get his fat head through! :lol:

it is an interesting experiment to say the least.

....we'll just tell Troy not to pull a Prefontaine...and let Baker take out his meaness on the opposition....

Hey the guy is a good receiver no doubt about it but his attitude could be the problem. Hide Westwood in the closet now!

I thought BBs wanted a chance at Cup.

This guy will disrupt the team. Hope Berry lays down law from start and makes him undertsand that he has no room for screwing up.

i hadn't heard the troy boy was out of the closet yet.

:lol: Ya he hangs out with lil Nate! :lol:

Very nice.....