Bakari on the crowd at THF, gives a few suggestions !

The man who scored the first touchdown at Tim Hortons Field, is impressed with the way Tiger-Cats fans are responding to the team at its new home.

“It’s great, they’re a real help,? said Cats receiver Bakari Grant, who took a Zach Collaros pass in the south end zone against the Argos on Labour Day for the first major in The Donut Box.

But, he has a couple of suggestions to increase the crowd’s negative impact on the visiting team.

“We want the fans to get loud when their offence is in the huddle,? Grant said. “They’re such a force in this stadium that when they get loud it makes it difficult for the offence to hear the play call and the snap count.

“And do it earlier in the game.?

THF is becoming a huge home field advantage ! Bring the NOISE TIGERTOWN :rockin: :rockin: Well Done :thup:

Good suggestion about the huddle. If the offence cannot hear the play call from the QB in the huddle this will lead to a breakdowns and good things for our D.


Let's stop calling it the Donut Box though. :x

The preferred nickname (by usage) is Timmies, so, why not Timmies Field? :o

THF - Fans are the 13TH Man :thup: :rockin:

Ticats need to help the fans help them. There needs to be "Get Loud" graphics on the screen when the D is on the field, and the PA announcer needs to command the fans to get loud.

Bakers Dozen :rockin:

Just put a hockey puck on the screen, that should do the trick. :wink:

I generally try to maximize my noise when they line up to obscure the audibles. Never considered the huddle! I agree on the whole " donut box" thing. Its just stupid.

Or is that Bakari's Dozen?

will do my best to increase my noise level when they are in a huddle

Thread going on about the PA guy right now. Myself, I think they're doing a much better job now that they've toned that down a bit. Years ago we'd have these graphics up with that annoying elongated "MAKE SOME NOOOOOOIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSEEEEEEEE" soundbyte at the most in-appropriate times. Ugh.
The crowd will make noise if it wants to make noise, simple as that. All the PA guy or these soundbytes can do is give us a little nudge.

??? :? ???


Portable air raid sirens would be pretty cool as well.

I'm guilty too. Usually make noise just at the line. Brought my cowbell last week and by the 3rd play the crowd in our area started making noise every time the Schmoes were at the line. Problem with doing it during the huddle as well is that triples the noise time and some of the fans get testy with 60 seconds of cowbell going off in their ears. I'll give it a shot though.

Posted this on the scratching post, so it's directed at no one in particular.

Last week and the week before I was scratching my head wondering why the stadium only gets loud once the offence breaks the huddle. People, when do you think a team does most of its communicating, in a group or standing in a formation waiting for mostly non verbal signals?

Also we expect the first twelve men to play for 60 minutes, how about the thirteenth?

And to Mark ^ who gives a sh-t. Its our job to make noise and do it at the right times. If someone doesn't like it they should be at a golf tournament.

Just telling it like it is as usual.

Since we are on the topic of loud noise production…These things are much more affective than cowbells for making noise…imagine 15000+ of these being used properly @ the Donut Quadrilateral while the opposition offense was huddling, lining up and trying to run plays???

BTW, when I was growing up, these things were always called “CFL horns”, WTF is a “Vuvuzela”? :smiley: :cowboy: 8)

Be careful Earl. They will start calling you a troll and do research on your user name :roll:

  1. Are we allowed to bring in the long horns now? They were banned before.
    I can play a range of songs--- Sabre Dance anyone?

  2. Full size cowbells are pretty loud.

Hey TF. I didn’t do any research. I liked the Holly Barker series by Woods. Most of them I listened to on tapes while driving.

This is one of my favourites.

Yeah, this is often overlooked, as strange as it sounds, back in my high school days, if you just came off getting rattled from a hit, sometimes even without noise to distract you it was hard to focus on the play call. You add that noise and it can be just the thing to tip the scales.

When I played back then, most play calls typically reference numbers for routes (for passes) and gaps (for runs). A linemen not opening the right gap, or a receiver running the wrong route because they couldn’t hear the number 5 in Leopard 485 on 2 or something to that effect, could lead to the play getting broken up quick. Conversely, if that on 2 gets missed, it’s an instant offsides. Also, the more the QB has to repeat himself in the huddle, the longer the play clock often runs on him, which can lead to delay of game.

The second that QB gets into that huddle and puts his hand on his wrist sheet, the crowd should open up until the end of the play.