Bakari Grant's Message to Ticats Fans !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The man who scored the first touchdown at Tim Hortons Field, is impressed with the way Tiger-Cats fans are responding to the team at its new home.

“It’s great, they’re a real help,? said Cats receiver Bakari Grant, who took a Zach Collaros pass in the south end zone against the Argos on Labour Day for the first major in The Donut Box.

But, he has a couple of suggestions to increase the crowd’s negative impact on the visiting team.

“We want the fans to get loud when their offence is in the huddle,? Grant said. “They’re such a force in this stadium that when they get loud it makes it difficult for the offence to hear the play call and the snap count.

“And do it earlier in the game.?

:rockin: :rockin: BRING IT TIGERTOWN :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

It’s not the donut box. Please stop calling it that.

yeah, call it by its real name, the donut field :wink:

Agree Bakari, bring the noise on Saturday Tiger-Cat Fans!!!!

And please be as quiet as possible when we are on offence and that includes the music man in the booth. We don't need all the loud music when we are preparing our plays.

Neuman agreed 100percent. Id like to see the music issue addressed. In fact no music should be played, even when on tv break, when we have the ball.

No no no, it's the coffee grounds! :smiley:

I emailed customer service after the last game to voice my displeasure at the music playing while we were in the huddle and at the start of our offensive set. Did not get even an acknowledgement of the email let alone a response if any sort. Let's hope they pay attention from now on.... We're there to watch football, not the music. Use it to our advantage like in all the other stadiums.
Here's hoping we can disrupt them early in the huddle and during the execution of their offence. Early and often :rockin:

LETS DO THIS TIGERTOWN :rockin: :rockin: