Bakari Grant

He showed a lot of intestinal fortitude to me so far this year. First - agreeing to a contract that was likely lower than he could have gotten elsewhere (and swallowing his pride in doing so). Second - playing lights out football in the pre-season - arguably the best Cat receiver in those two games.

I hope for his sake that whatever contract he did sign included a lot of incentive bonuses, because barring injury this should be his best year in the league.

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I agree, Bakari is a great receiver, good size, great hands and I hope he has a breakout year ahead!!


I was happy and relieved when he was re signed. His leadership and play make him most valuable to this team.

How do we know this? he was a FA forever...

A fair question which deserves a fair answer:


Yes we do know this Crash. Bakari has shown what integrity he has as a professional and the fans will be very appreciative this year with his awesome play!

One of, if not my favourite players. I respect him so much for his ST and blocking, you can always count on Grant giving 150% no matter what his role is on the field. I really think he can break 1000y this year if Collaros looks his way enough, felt like he was a bit forgotten in the offence last year. I hope putting him in the slot allows him to showcase his abilities more, he has had some huge games in the past out of the slot so hoping to see much of the same, I think we got a nice preview in the pre-season of the type of year Grant is going to have.

Replace "Grant" with "Giguere", and we have the same argument that I (and others) have been making for the past two seasons!

it says he signed for less than he thought he was worth, and he had offers to go elsewhere.
Where did it say he essentially turned down more money to stay?

I think Giguere got bashed excessively by some fans, but Bakari has made a much bigger contribution on the field.

One interesting stat though: while Grant has higher overall stats, Giguere and Grant each have only one career game over 100 yards receiving.

To me, Grant's most memorable game was the 2011 East semi-final. Not just for his clutch catch at the end, but a few beastly downfield blocks.

@safetyblitz - there is no doubt that Bakari has made a bigger contribution on-field so far. He has the height, strength, and (moderate) speed necessary for a possession receiver. He has also benefited from playing the short-side WR position, where the VAST majority of WR passes are thrown in the CFL (notice I emphasized WR over SB, two VERY distinct positions, and I wish reporters, journalists, and TSN crews would continue to differentiate between the two. Also, don't get me started on the "Free Safety" garbage - in the CFL, there is only ONE position of Safety; in the NFL and NCAA there are TWO: the Strong and Free Safeties). Bakari is a tremendous down-field and LOS blocker, and is turning out to be a valuable leader for the team.

Giguere, on the other hand, was relegated to the wide-side WR position, and had few (if any) balls thrown his way with any consistency, has blazing speed, is a terrific down field blocker, has a build that is the envy of some linebackers, and has done EVERYTHING the team has asked him to do (punt/kick returns, ST coverage and blocking, decoy routs, etc). While he doesn't have Bakari's height, 5'11" is nothing at which to sneer, as his speed and strength more than make up for it.

Both receivers have done their best to make the most of their situations. Sometimes, a change in scenery, be it a new team or a new position, can revive a (somewhat) stale career. For Sam, this meant a move to Montreal on a one-year contract. For Bakari, right now he has moved into the Slot while Luke Takser heals up his "lower body injury", and from the sounds of things, he had an excellent game playing that position. Put it this way, if you play SB, you, as a receiver, get to HIT SOMEONE, and you don't get many opportunities to do that.

Another big plus about Grant... he's durable. I can't recall him ever being injured much. Durability is a rare thing in today's game it seems.

You might have spoken to soon. This just in,not exactly sure what it exactly means,but with our luck it probably won't be good

Tweet from Drew Edwards:
More bad news for #Ti-Cats:WR @Bakari Grant84isn't practicing today

It didn't say that per se. I read that into how it was written. Since multiple offers were noted I assumed at least one was for more money. If it wasn't (and neither of us know for sure) I would withdraw that speculation from my original post.

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 8m8 minutes ago
#Ticats head coach Kent Austin says WR @BGrant84, who missed practice today, should be ready for Friday's game vs. #CalStampeders. #CFL :thup: :thup: :thup:

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 8m8 minutes ago
#Ticats head coach Kent Austin says WR @BGrant84, who missed practice today, should be ready for Friday's game vs. #CalStampeders. #CFL :thup: :thup: :thup:

I watched the highlights of the game in Winnipeg, and on both Grant’s TD, and one other catch he made, he looked to land pretty hard on the turf in both. Probably just sore and maybe bruised a bit, so they’re resting him.

He’s certainly throwing his body into harms way more than before, and seems to want it this season more than ever. Two GC losses in a row and questions of his value to the team can do that.

Great Post, I'm a big Bakari fan as well and I hope he keeps playing the way he has in preseason right through the year. Great size, hands and ability for the game and very glad he remained a Tiger-Cat!!

Austin keep Grant happy, he's a keeper on the team!!