Bakari Grant

Just watched the game on my pvr and they said something I would have loved to hear over the PA system
Bakari just made it 51 straight games with at least 1 catch Nice Streak Keep it going !!

Wow! Great Stat. Thanks for posting that. IMO the Cats O doesn't use Bakari to his full potential. He's tall enough to go up and get a ball and fight for a contested catch. And yet he usually gets the across the middle or hitch passes, albeit for good gains on YAC. I'm not so sure it's a speed issue as with height in a receiver speed is not as great a factor as the ability to reach up and get the ball.

Maybe Kent and Tom are saving those plays for the playoffs and the fans will get to see a few drifted passes on fade routs to Bakari in the EDF, for TDs of course.

A thousand apologies to Bakari are due by me. I have not been a big fan in the past due to passes dropped. He seems to be catching everything this year, plus directing players to their correct positions like a coordinator on the field. His blocking has been solid to superb. He is a leader on this young team. :thup: :thup: :thup:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Bakari is a STUD ! He makes some key blocks every game to spring guys :rockin: the Banks catch and run down the sideline Bakari and Grigsby made key blocks to spring Banks :thup: but some fans miss that !!

Grant's our best wr. It's not so much that we are not using him properly its more the defence we are playing keying in on him. Which is fine as he gets the attention it opens up things for Fantuz and Luke.

Thanks for sharing ts, anyone know the current longest streak?

Rod Black edit: luke's father is Steve Tasker of the NFL's Buffalo Bills dontchaknow.

According to what I found it would be 216 games held by Saskatchewan's Donald Narcisse,so Bakari has a ways to go to break it,but still at 51 games pretty impressive considering it's only his 4th year in the league.

Here is the Link,it's the 9th line down:

I'm guessing the 51 consecutive games are games that he's played/dressed? Because he didn't play/dress for the regular season finale on November 2nd last year in 2013.

Not taking anything away from Bakari as I agree with everything stated previously. Great blocker. Great team guy. Has really improved his game over his time with the TiCats. Becoming a very dependable & reliable "go to" guy.


On that play, the block by Grigsby was outstanding. He took out two pursuers! Even if the two guys who were blocked were not going to make a play, the eff you value in blocks like that is a stat that cannot be counted and is a very important part of football.

You never know about trailing potential tacklers. Banks has to slow down or jig a bit and slam he's hit from behind. I saw the Grant block but missed the Griggsby one.

Haven't read the whole thread, but BG has been my favorite since the Eastern Semi-Final about 4-5 Seasons ago in Montreal.
I met him in my office the following Monday and asked him if he had had a good game. (I had been in the States for the weekend and PVR'd the game, but had not seen it yet.) His humble reply was "yea" in a hushed voice.
Man, that was his "Joe Hagins" breakout game. 5-6 looooong plays.

Great kid!!

Agree that he has been held back, but haven't seen the big picture, total field game films to see if he's getting open... any comment on that?

For some reason I like calling him BK (for BaKari) not BG (for Bakari Grant) (perhaps it sounds better to me?). Anyway I was never more glad for, and proud of him when he scored the first TD at THF. I watched him (from Section 103) carry the ball back to the players' bench area thinking he was going to put it away for personal posterity. I was so pleasantly surprised and delighted (and still am) that he presented the ball to Bob Young. Obviously someone with a sense of history and knowing how to do the right thing. 8)

Luckily Bob didn't fumble the handoff. :lol:

I wish I had more to add re: the whole field picture as I have not been able to attend the games live and have to watch on the boobtube. Maybe someone else can speak to it. From the tube, though, there have not been many down field passes to anyone let alone Bakari. Wasted resource IMO. Or, secret weapon?????????

Great TD catch in that game:

And a nice "hold" on this TD by Cobourne:

(BTW, that whole game is available on youtube)

Just a point of clarification to the 46 yard Brandon Banks catch @ 6:18 of the 4th Quarter down the west/bench sideline that people are referring to ...

It was Sinkfield who made the seal block on the outside that enabled Banks to get the corner and as others have mentioned it was Grigsby that cleaned out two guys that were giving chase.

And BG,s tackle on the INT in the 2nd was nails

Oh yeah, I forgot about that play! The kid is tough!

While not a pure "fade route" completion, the pass in this clip is exactly how the Cats should be using BG...

Nice pass from Glenn in the "Rick Ray corner route" fashion. Perhaps a smaller receiver doesn't make that catch. I say, give the kid two deep shots like that in the EDF. I would bet that he makes both.

Bakari also lines up as a TE for pass protection, run support, and plain old reading the defence and picking up a blitz. He certainly provides a leadership role for the backs and receivers; at first quietly by his deeds, now more vocally because of the respect he has earned.

Bring back Bakari Grant