Bakari Grant Out On 6 Game

It is a tear. Dickensen said " hope he will be back before 6 games".

Grant is one of those that has had injury problems. I was concerned when the Stamps signed him.

When people say " hope " , that usually means there is no hope.

Not to worry, we are loaded with talented receivers.

Further, we have the best QB in the CFL that never gets hurt.

Just needs to shave that face.

Real men have beards. It's the natural order of things. It's natures way of saying that it's 100% a man. I have a beard... should I shave also in your opinion? Never!@#

As for Bakari - he always seems to come back fast from injuries. I bet he makes the playoffs.

Dickenson is already saying that he could be back as soon as next week. in this case, I don't think it ended up being as bad as they initially thought.


A beard is one thing. BLM looks like a freaking mountain man.

Glad the police and military do not share your " view ".

Anyway, back OT. Grant will be needed and there is lots of time left to get healthy.

I just always thing worst case.

"A beard is one thing. BLM looks like a freaking mountain man."
I agree with this comment - some guys just dont rock the look - I'll be rooting for your Stamps, brihind88!