Bakari Grant Extends His Stay In TigerTown

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The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced today that the team has re-signed international receiver Bakari Grant.

Grant, a 6-4, 195-pound native of Oakland, California, returns to Hamilton for his fifth season with the Black and Gold in 2015. In 59 games over four seasons with the Ticats, Grant has compiled 207 receptions for 2,535 yards and 12 touchdowns.

Last season, he ranked third among Ticats pass catchers in receiving, hauling in 58 passes for 529 yards and one touchdown, the first-ever touchdown scored at Tim Hortons Field.

“Bakari is a true professional demonstrated by his dedication to hard work and preparation,? said Ticats general manager and head coach Kent Austin. We are excited to have his physicality and veteran leadership back with our team.

The former UC-Davis alum saw his best season as a Tiger-Cat during the 2013 campaign when he led the team and set career highs in receptions (69) and receiving yards (947) en route to being named an East Division All-Star.

During his time in Hamilton, Grant has also been highly involved with the Tiger-Cats community initiatives, specifically BeFit, Cops and Cats basketball, Hearts in the Huddle and high school mentorship programs.

Great News! Man am I glad he's back. If you have a chance, re-watch the Late season game against BC and both late season games against the ALs for why this guy is a keeper. Quiet and deadly.

Great news!

Just fantastic! Looks like Hamilton is the place to be!

I, too, am happy that Bakari chose to stay. It's been confirmed as a 1-year deal and that should see him come to camp eager to prove his worth. If he succeeds, it'll be great for him, the team, the city, and all of us, too. Best wishes for a great season BG.

Woooo-Hooooo !!!!!! Bakari's Back....It's time for everybody to do the.......

AND WELCOME BACK #84 :rockin: :rockin: Oski-Wee-Wee !!! :smiley: :slight_smile:

Pleasantly surprised by this signing.

Quiet and deadly, indeed. He didn't become our third best receiver last year for nothing. Just when you think he's being ignored by the QB and the coach, he ends up wide open with the ball in his hands. Excellent downfield blocker as well.

Wonder how they'll use him this year....

I'm SO glad he has been re-signed. He has some unfinished business in Tiger Town Grey Cup wise. I am especially pleased he was not forced to sign with the blew team.

That. would. have. been. un. think. able. :lol:

Now tear it up again this year BK. This will finally be your thousand yard season. (Although you won't be scoring the first ever TD at THF again this year (like you did last year) - that just means you will score the very first ever Grey Cup TD at IGF in November).

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Glad to hear that the Cats and Bakari Grant came to an agreement and extended his stay in Hamilton as a Tiger-Cat.

Grant surly adds the added experience depth to the current group of receivers and the offence, great news!


Welcome back Bakari glad they got the deal done

YES! This guy is Steeltown from head to toe. He belongs in black! He was willing to do whatever was asked of him in the final stretch last year, I really respect this guy!

Wasn't nice seeing Bakari hanging out there, good to have him back. :thup:

made my day! woo hoo!

Very glad to see Bakari back in Hamilton. He's a fine asset to the team. I look forward to seeing him play this season, and have confidence he will be a major contributor.

Outstanding leader on this team, I can see him being extremely motivated

Hamilton Tiger-Cats @Ticats · 5h 5 hours ago
Coach Austin on @BGrant84: "He's a physical receiver, who does everything we ask of him. He's a real pro."

Erik Harris @e_harris_31 · 7h 7 hours ago
Another brother re-signs @BGrant84 ..... this is a crazy business but for some reason this locker room just feels like family.

From Drew Edwards

[b]Over his first four seasons, Grant has been a consistent contributor with 207 receptions for 2,535 yards and 12 touchdowns. His best season came in 2013 campaign when he led the team and set career highs in receptions (69) and receiving yards (947) and was named an East Division All-Star.

Grant watched as fellow receivers Brandon Banks and Luke Tasker received lucrative contract extensions and I'll be interested to see the terms of the deal – I'm betting it's just for one year. He'll look to have a monster season in 2015, then parlay that into a better contract: he's still just 27. Grant's an intense guy at the best of times and I would imagine this experience will be additionally motivating.

Grant is popular with fans, another byproduct of his on-field intensity and his significant involvement in the community during his time with the club, and there's been a substantial positive Twitter reaction from the Black and Gold faithful.[/b]

That just about completes my wish list!

From Drew Edwards

Grant's new deal a source of motivation

[b]Veteran receiver Bakari Grant does not sound particularly happy about the new contract he signed with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats on Monday.

And that could be good news for the ball club.

Grant is getting what he clearly considers to be less money than he deserves after posting three solid and one spectacular season with the Ticats. Yes, he wanted to be back and, yes, he had offers to go elsewhere. But after languishing on the open market for more than a month — and watching other, less-established receivers get big money — he finally decided to return to the only CFL outfit he's ever known.

"I expressed that I wanted to play here and I was looking for a two-year contract but if I couldn't get what I thought was market value, then I was going to go for a one-year deal," Grant said. "So I took the one-year deal."

Over his first four seasons, Grant has been a consistent contributor with 207 receptions for 2,535 yards and 12 touchdowns. His best season came in 2013 when he led the team and set career highs in receptions (69) and receiving yards (947) and was named an East Division All-Star.

Still just 27, the essential question remains: Is Grant a solid, if unspectacular, player destined for a string of 50-catch seasons or is the one big year a harbinger of things to come? The one-year deal means Grant is convinced it's the latter.

"You're fighting for each paycheque, fighting to feed your family so that's motivating all by itself," said Grant, a father of two. "It's going to be more intense this year."

And while the contract talks may have left a bruise or two on the ego, Grant makes it clear that he wants to be in Hamilton and holds no grudges.

The California native is popular with fans and teammates — his Twitter timeline lit up Monday with plenty of support from both — and says the encouraging words he received during the process played a role in his decision to return.

"Fans watch the game for the emotion of it and I think that I bring that, no matter if I'm catching the ball, blocking, making tackles," said Grant, who has also been active in the team's community programs. "I think people like the way I play."

Grant has also been around long enough to understand the economics of the league: Canadian players are sought after because of their relative scarcity while the rest of the free agent dollars are often consumed by quarterbacks and elite-level U.S.-born players. That puts the squeeze on guys like Grant.

"I think the next step for the league is pay quality Americans for what they contribute to a team. That's how you maintain quality on the field." Grant said. "When you see what some guys signed for, I don't think you can say we get less money. But it's less consistent for American players based on talent."

Notoriously intense on the field, Grant says he plans to channel the frustrations of free agency onto the field where another banner season would set him up for the contract he feels he's earned.

"When something like this happens, you can either settle for it or continue to hold your value high and go prove it to everybody," Grant said. "That's the approach I'm taking."[/b]

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as long as Collaros is hucking the rock, Grant will not have the kind of banner year he hopes for.

It's hard to post a thousand yards when you're not getting the ball.

Hopefully, Zach breaks last years habit, and remembers he has 6 eligible receivers on any given play, and not just 1 or 2

Lets not put this entirely on Zachs shoulders. The team has an Offensive Co-ordinator and a head coach. I would think that they have more influence on this factor than the quarterback does.

Great news that Bakari will be back in the black and gold. Much more assurance that this could be another banner season!!!

I'd tend to differ with you on this one Oldie.

end of the day, Collaros makes the read and the throw. No coordinator is going to design a system where luke tasker is meant to get the ball 4 times in a 6 play drive. If you go back and look to the Lefevour games, 5 and 6 different guys were getting touches.

and to stay on topic, it's relevant because it affects the kind of production Grant is going to have. He's massively undervalued by our GM