Bakari Grant and Rob Bagg

I know they released Chad Owen's too but hes been too injury prone. The idea of Canadian receiver Rob Bagg could be an interesting one. Hes 33 years old and up there like Andy Fantuz but he played in 17 games last year and would fit in at receiver since it doesnt look like Mark Chapman is coming and Andy Fantuz is retired. We also have Shamawd Chambers done for the year.

Another guy I mentioned is Bakari Grant. Hes a fellow tiger cat, had over 1000 yards last year and adds that extra depth that we could use on offence.

What does everyone think of Rob Bagg and Bakari Grant...this of course means 2 less guys on the cats but we could still keep Toliver, Banks, Saunders and Tasker,

I am NOT a Bakari Grant fan.

That said, we could do worse than him for the first 6 games, as I assume Tolliver will be on the IR for that time.

I'm not sure that Bagg would be a good National signing. Like Andy, he's not the fastest tortoise in the race...

In the June Jones offence, we need small fast guys- not sure either of these guys fit that description.

Very good point...I like them both but not the fastest.

To be clear, Jones doesn't need receivers to be small, but he needs them to be fast, and guys who have both the kind of speed Jones wants and large size are in high demand and usually playing elsewhere for a much bigger paycheck.

He is not retired.

Small fast guys aren’t a sure thing at 2nd and 3-4-5 yards as is a sure handed type. Every team should have a guy like that.

We have Luke as our clutch receiver for those situations.

I think you make Bagg an offer but you have to make sure you don't pay much for him. You have to ask how much does he have left in the tank and I would make clear he's only there to deal with ratio mix ups, depth and throw different looks. I wouldn't use him as your starter that plays the whole game at this point in his career.

As far as Bakari Grant, I feel he's an upgrade over every receiver we have save Banks and Tasker (who aren't necessarily better or worse, they are just different kinds of receiver). He may or may not also be an upgrade over Tolliver depending if he's back to original form after his injury. For me, though, it's a question of economics, not ability.

Just my two cents.