Baillargeon, Colclough, Ingersoll Released

Hamilton Tiger-Cats ?@Ticats 29m
The #Ticats have released non-import OL Pascal Baillargeon, import DB Ricardo Colclough & import OL Mike Ingersoll. #CFL

Why would we release a third round draft pick OL in Baillargeon?

Did Colclough play bad enough to get released??

8) The TiCats have released 3 players today.
   They are, NI OL, Pascal Baillargeon,  IMP  DB  Ricardo Colclough,  and IMP OL, Mike Ingersoll.

Wow!!!! I can understand Inkersoll being released,terrible in the EDM. game,but Baillergeon was a draft pick who last year due to injuries late in the season,filled in and started on the o-line.Colclough is a suprise,as in pre-season was a beast,hitting everything in sight,was a tackling machine,maybe Bowman's coming along better than expected?.Possibly off of 9-game early?

Could be also that with 76 on roster,Austin figures that the herd should be trimmed a little.Too many bodies,not enough reps to go around?

The thing with Baillargeon is that he's already 27 so if the team figured he would need two or three years of development, that's not really interesting for them.

Well holy mackinaw, here I thought Colcough did a good job. Guess this underscores what we see as fans in the stands vs. what the coaches see on film and other things unknown to us

colclough seemed good to you said...'coaches see things alot different and BETTER than us fans do! ingersoll was horrible in his only game..poor guy probably had windburn from willis after that one!!

Also was by practice briefly on Tuesday, and while Baillargeon wasn't participating in the OL drills, just in moving around he didn't look 100%, at least to my inexpert eyes. Hope I am wrong: it is bad enough being released, worse if he is hurting too.

Who, who and who?......exactly.

My guess is that Husband solid play and re-acquiring Rockhill who just turned 23 pushed Baillargeon down the depth chart to the point he was released. There is only room for so many young O-Lineman. Rockhill was 13th pick overall in the CFL draft.
Baillargeon is a good prospect and will no doubt land on another teams roster shortly.

Of a bigger surprise to me was the release of Colclough.
How do you go from starter to cut after a solid performance.
More to this than what meets the eye IMO.


I cant wait for bowman to be healthy.. i think he'll do well with Knowlton and JJ :cowboy:

Where are they now?
Baillargeon has signed a PR agreement with MTL.
Colclough has signed a PR agreement with TOR.
Ingersoll hasn't signed anything, anywhere.

Only thing here I wouldn't have predicted-- Colclough with TOR

Baillargeon(no surprise,french heritage)
Colclough(probably shine like a star with Argos)
Ingersoll(will sign up with Wal-Mart)

Just saw on TSN that the Argos picked up Jennings off waivers as well as Couglough,Kackert was placed on i.l. Brandon Isaacs released.Argos it looks like are in same position as us on D....revolving door,mostly rookies,few vets,almost total turnover of starters from last year.Isaac was captain of the Argos defence,had 16 tackles so far this year,last year had 43 tackles and 4 q.b sacks,strange that they would let him go.

Looks like money issues.

Walmart?? :twisted:

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