Bah Humbug, Mens soccer team

I am so pissed off at and disgusted with Team Canada Men's soccer team players.

They should have played today no matter what.

Canada-Panama match canceled in labor, equal pay dispute (

I listened to Canada Soccer press statement today and I fine I am with them,

You may not remember but you started a thread called “The Road to Qatar” in November. Posts were actually made on that thread today with some relating to this issue.

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yeah, I was searching for that thread but couldnt remember the name, sigh

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I won't "pick sides" ... but if Soccer Canada is pleading "poor" then they need to show the players the actual financial situation ... if the money really isn't there (taking account of the full SC mandate and not just the men's and women's teams) then the players have to be reasonable.


I listened to Canada Soccer press interview during what was supposed to be the game. IF even half of what they said was true then the players demands are out of the question. In any regard, even if the players had a strong case, they were totally wrong to not play the game.

People were committed to the game. People were preparing to go or on the way to the game. People planned their day around it. Staff at the stadium were expecting to work, some probably already there starting to make preparations.

The players should have played the game, and given their best effort, and then afterwards said they they would play no more until.....

This action on their part was assinine. I respect them for what they do on the field, but not for this. Totally shameful on their part

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Fans wearing red and white Canadian national team soccer jerseys and carrying flags and signs were left crestfallen at the gates of B.C. Place in Vancouver Sunday after a friendly match with Panama was abruptly called off.

"I mean we just got to the World Cup, a match in Vancouver and we get to finally see some excitement for the beautiful game in our country and this is what happens?" said Danny Bromley, who was at the downtown arena with his young son to see the match.

They had driven more than an hour from Chilliwack, east of Vancouver, to see the men's national team play. It would have been the first time the team played in Vancouver since March of 2019.

But the men's soccer team refused to play the World Cup warm-up match because of a contract dispute between the players and the sport's national governing body.

"It's just not a good look," said Bromley.

Alex Linning, along with his dad, mom and two brothers travelled to Vancouver from Port Alberni on Vancouver Island — which takes nearly four hours and includes a ferry ride — to see the Canada's men's national soccer team in action.

After learning the game was cancelled, the family sat in front of B.C. Place with their soccer jerseys and signs they had brought to cheer on the team.

"Disappointed," said Linning. "I just wish they would have cancelled a little bit sooner."

Kiola Werner also came from Vancouver Island to see the team, only to learn the game was cancelled two hours ahead of the opening whistle.

"There are a lot of other people who came from Vancouver Island as well," he said. " So, I guess we gotta go home disappointed."

Question, will the players reimburse fan costs?

For the first time ever the players have some leverage to try to get a better deal ... its called capitalism ... Soccer Canada may well not be able to afford what the players are initially asking, but BOTH sides need to be open in negotiating for a deal.

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Not sorry that I am glad that TC men lost to Honduras.

Watched an old News broadcast that talked specifically about 1 family coming from Okanogan and 1 family from PEI. Heartbroken kids when they arrived at the stadium to find no game. Who knows how many other with same stories.

Keep on losing guys, it looks good on ya

I would say Karma kinda bit them in the backside.

I hope the team can get their edge back for the World Cup.

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Talk about taking the wind out of your own sales.....much of the pride this country felt for this team and it’s amazing run has certainly diminished.

Best Stadium and City for it! :+1:

Seattle, SF and LA in the States

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After seeing the final stadium list, BMO is by far the worst of the bunch

BMO field should not be used for World Cup. I wonder how much more money Canada Soccer had to kick in to get this stadium chosen.

Vancouver totally agree.

Edmonton has Canadas second best stadium for big attendance events.

I think Soccer Canada was scared to have to western cities as the hosts. Now they have their east and west.

So Mexico gets 3 locations, and canada goes from 3 to 2 so US can go from 10 to 11 locations.

Kinda reducing the benefit of hosting. Hopefully we still get at least 10 games.