Stevie signed with the Cardinals..........

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Now we're hooped. But we've got Omar Morgan back. Good for Stevie - hope he does well. At least we didn't lose him to another CFL team. Now we will see how good our new GM is - two BIG holes on the defence to fill already and we aren't even at the free agency point.

Ya......we're hooped! But is anyone really surprised? also, is there anything good written anywhere about Tamen? Winnipeg sure seems happy to be rid of him, i hope he's right for the job.

Good for Baggs! He def deserved the MVP last year over Chick.

Now Taman, get your ass in gear! I havn't heard so much as a fart come outa the rider news, and its Feb already with the FA quickly approaching, sign who we need ( a few names still yet, in my eyes ) - and lets get this going! 2010 Riders will look lots different without our bookend D-Ends