Baggs to TiCats?

Wow - didn't see that coming. I think this begs the tougher question - why are the Riders not able to attract any quality NFL late cuts?

I posted this here so on home turf we can thrash it out without the gong show - "because its the riders" you would expect in the regular forums

The Riders could be close to the cap, and chose not to offer Baggs the money that Hamilton did.

Ya win some, ya lose some. The Lions may be asking the same thing about Grice-Mullen. We offered more. For Baggs, Ham must have offered more - who knows if it is another Mo Lloyd situation where what they were offering was beyond what the market justified for the position making it actually detrimental over the long term had we matched or beat the offer.

From the scratching post Blog

Thursday morning #Ticats reading

Got a few more emails on the Stevie Baggs signing last night: I'm pretty sure it's a done deal. I'll be interested to see if they announce him today and whether he plays against B.C. on Saturday.

Arash Madani is reporting that the Ticats and the Riders both offered a salary in the $5,000 a game range but that Hamilton offered a $50,000 signing bonus and that Saskatchewan offered $25,000. He also says that Montreal was interested as well. If those figures are accurate - and Arash's rep is rock solid - then I would suspect that Baggs will play this week, just so the Ticats get full value for their money


so we gave him more upfront money
It will nice to see him play the riders at Ivory wynne next week

way to go Taman way to go.