Baggs signs with Stamps

Great! Stevie is a class act I don't care what you guys are saying here , he was not used properly last year and he sure would not fit into our Crappy system this year ........ All the best shakespeare :thup: rush that QB :rockin:

i said before, we should not have gotten rid of him and several others....i think obie is showing his true colours and he and mitchell need to be shown the door....

Absolutey fantastic !!!

Love the guy !..a great Tiger-C…oooops, a Stamp ! (wishful thinking) :wink:

seriously, it’s almost criminal he isn’t here

If he was here he would probably be having a poor year and we would be having endless posts in the forum speculating the reason behind his dismal play. Whether it was actually him or the defensive schemes. We'll see now in Calgary whether he makes a difference or not.

Baggs comes with the best pedigree and perhaps a changed attitude. With the Riders in 2009, he voiced his displeasure when teammate John Chick was voted the team’s top defensive player. It was an outburst that rubbed many people the wrong way.

Baggs understood that, and insisted he bit his tongue last season in Hamilton when his statistics fell and critics took to chastising him for being overpaid and underwhelming.

“I was hoping people were watching film and understanding that it really wasn’t my ability that declined. I was just in a system where it was good for me to stay out of the media and be a team guy,? Baggs said. “My feeling was I was doing what was necessary for the team to be successful. I could have run up-field and made sacks on first down and disregarded what the schemes were. But I wanted to play within the scheme.?

The Ticats released Baggs earlier this year, saying it was due to football reasons when everyone believed it was because of Baggs’s salary.

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Baggs has made such an impact with the Stamps that they had to bring in Anwar Stewart! (Whom they should've in the first place!)

TiCats sure missed the boat releasing & not resigning Stevie. He's having an absolutely stellar, breakout year!?!?

I don't understand. Baggs has had a set back from a quad injury he sustained with Baltimore.

Exactly my point. He can't even get on the field so what is it that we're missing by not having him here?

Like I said earlier on; signing is one thing. Gotta make the team, which he did, make the active roster, which he hasn't, play, which he hasn't, and perform, which he hasn't.

Over ... Rated ... Clap, Clap ... Clap, Clap, Clap!!!

And they've signed Anwar Stewart as well.

Agreed he was overrated, but I also can't believe how bad Hamilton's D-line has been this year. This defense is absolutely atrocious and it all starts by not stopping the run and a very poor pass rush that has made some QBs look much better than they are. (Same with RBs)

I think , if healthy, he could have made this D-line better, overrated or not.

I find overrated is an often overused, and misused, word. Is Baggs the best defensive end in the league? No. Is he a guy that can contribute when put in a position to succeed? Yes. Look no further than his numbers when he first signed with the Cats. They were stellar. He was the defensive player of the month for October that year. The guy has talent and can be a force, but like any player, he needs to be put in a position to succeed.

And the guy is injured, but we knew this before he signed with Calgary. He was on the Ravens' IR before he came to an injury settlement so he could sign in Calgary. If his body just isn't allowing him to play, it's hard to kill him for that. I seem to recall a lot of people giving Jesse Lumsden reprieve after reprieve because his body wouldn't let him play. But Baggs gets hurt and people call him overrated. Such is life. I still think he could contribute and I think the Cats were wrong to release him. We'll never know what could have been, but there is no way he could have been worse than the guys we saw play at the beginning of the year. Oh well.