Baggs running his mouth

Apparently Baggs said that he was still the best DE in this league and basically said he is better than Willis. :roll:

What a fool! Thanks for adding fuel to the fire that is Swaggerville. We see him and the kitties in 2 weeks off a by week. Can't wait for Baggs to get a close look at the REAL best DE in the league!!

Baggs hasn't really been pass rushing all year when you think about it, mostly contains and drop off or someone else get's to the QB first on one of our LB/DB blitzes.Odell Willis is the feature on that D and they use him that way.I'd still take Baggs over Willis thank you, at least he doesn't draw stupid flags 3x a game.

.....Willis vs. Baggs...... I'll take Odell anytime...I guess we'll just have to show you in a couple of weeks :wink: ...The Bomber defence were playing a few second stringers last night.(that could probably start for any team in this league) Willis still got a lot of pressure...When Dougs back in a couple of weeks, i'm sure Mr. Willis will introduce himself to Glenn early and often :lol: Should be a good one :wink:

Thank you for offering to keep him. I was beginning to think you were going to try force us to take him back. Seriously though, Baggs was a decent guy when he was here and he's a fine player. Willis has been dropped into contains as well, so you can't use that as an excuse as to why Baggs is inferior statistically. Bottom line is results matter. Willis has been the one of the key members on defense that has continued to shut down opponents in the 2nd half and helped drive the Bombers to their 6-1 record. When you watch a Bomber game you see he's constantly getting into the backfield and pressuring the QB despite being double teamed and/or cut blocked. If you stayed up and watched the Wpg-BC game, Willis was a force last night against BC despite not having big stats. Was Baggs noticeable yesterday as the worst offensive team in the league put up 32 points against your Ticats? I'll fine giving up 15-20 yards in penalties a game to Willis (which that was last year's Willis, he's been much better this year) when the Blue are shutting teams out in the 2nd half.

That was tongue in cheek by Baggs, he could barely keep a straight face when he said it. oh and btw, Chick was better than you Baggs. :lol:

A very telling point, wolverine.

The Toronto/Hamilton game was dreadful to watch if you like defence. .. both teams' defences were pretty porous.

Winnipeg's defence is the best in the league. .. so the Cats' offence won't score much on the 26th. . .and if their defence plays as they did against Toronto, they are in big trouble.

Defensive linemen on the Bombers with as many or more sacks as Stevie Baggs: Odell Willis, Kenny Mainor, Doug Brown, Dorian Smith, Don Oramasionwu.

Seriously. A backup defensive tackle has as many sacks as him. Baggs doesn't pass rush all the time? Oramasionwu doesn't PLAY most of the time, and when he does, he's a DT where it's harder to get sacks and pass rushes far less than a defensive end.

Sorry, Stevie.. to be completely honest if he was a Free Agent, I'd stick with Odell, Mainor, Vega, and Kashama (he's better than Kashama, but Kashama is an NI) at DE anyway.

How many flags a game? I recall one offside last night and that's cause Odell was facing a backup QB and the snap count changed, wait until Odell and Swagerville put KG on his backside in two weeks, he'll be crying for Marcel to pull him :wink:

See ya in two weeks!!!!

Obviously you missed the segment on why Baggs hasn't been getting sacks.A) he drops into coverage/contain B)He doesn't stay in one position for a given amount of time, he rotates throughout the DL C) QB's know we have a blitz heavy O and weak DB's and take full advantage of that.If we had some solid DB's Baggs and Hickman would be rivaling Willis right now.
Take nothing away from Willis, but don't pound Baggs into the dirt because of your new found defensive success.

Fair enough, but then don't come in here trying to run Odell down by claiming he takes 3 stupid penalties a game...And let's be completely honest...if you asked around the league who the better DE is...well, I'm fairly confident Willis wins in a walk...

Because Willis is having a better year this year that automatically means he's better?Have you forgotten how Stevie used to pick, strip for TD's AND almost lead in sacks?If you ask me, he's a beneficiary of all the guys and the scheme's around him.I'm not saying he's not good but c'mon, you guys are a little quick to crown your greatest players of all time.And he does take plenty of late hit penalties, i'm %100 certain he lead the league for DL in that category last year and probably has a fine head start on that this year.I admire that you guys are %100 behind your team here but let's call it what it is.He's a great DE that draws plenty of flags.Just like Justin Hickman on our end this year.

Baggs is a good end. Willis is unquestionably better... That may not have been the case two years ago, and might not be next year...but we play in the present and there should little debate about this right now.

Well, in Baggs' one big year, he had two more sacks than Odell. It was his fourth year in league and Odell was a rookie. In two years in the league, Odell has finished 5th and 3rd in sacks. They both had 21 career sacks coming into this season. Odell had two years in the league, Baggs had five.

Stevie was a back-up for a while at the start of his career, but heck, so was Odell for part of his rookie year, he just made it obvious that they had to give him playing time.

It's not "crowning our players as the greatest of all time". If you asked me to list the DEs I think are better than Baggs, my list would not be solely Bombers. It's not just sacks, I watch pretty much every CFL game in the season and I personally have noticed Baggs only occasionally since Week 2. And Bomber fans aren't the only ones saying Willis should be the early favourite for DPoY (in fact, I think more Bomber fans are saying Hefney, and more opposition fans are saying Willis.. I could be wrong, that's the feeling I get though).

I'm not saying Baggs sucks, so sorry if that's what comes across here, I'm just saying he doesn't belong in the conversation for the best DE in the league. He's a good DE, but I don't think he's the best.

For the record, every great player that's ever played is a beneficiary of the players and schemes around them.

And yes, Odell does take a lot of penalties, especially last year.

Funny...I thought we were talking about the present, not the past. So maybe I HAVE forgotten how Stevie USED TO pick, strip, etc. So yeah, right now, Odell is better. And get this flag thing outta your head....aside from the odd offside, Odell's been an Angel this year...

Funny, I thought this thread was about how Baggs was claiming himself to be the best DE in the League, not what Bomber fans were saying.

Baggs and Willis are good friends. I would hardly call this "running his mouth" regardless of who's better.

Regardless, my point was that it was not a smart move by baggs to take a poke at the hottest defence in the league playing at home.

Who cares if Baggs runs his mouth, i'm pretty sure you guys were hiding in shame when a certain figure wouldn't shut his mouth so you'd think you'd be more understanding. unable to back up your argument, and then throw your hands up and say 'Who cares anyway'

Run back to your litter box, kittycat.

Baggs's comments didn't sound mean-spirited or bitter to me. I thought they were the kind of friendly jibes you make with your friends.