Baggs placed on Ravens IR (Leg)

Too bad....... Premature end to his 2012 Season.....

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That really sucks. Too bad. I feel for Stevie. I was really hoping it would work out for him

Just looking at Carolina Medlock is their man, they cut the other kicker today. Just thought I would add this here instead of starting a new thread.

Not sure what the "leg" injury is, but the link says Baggs has been put on the Injured Reserve List and that his 2012 Season is over. That has to mean he's getting paid and, as long as the injury is not something that will cause him problems in his post football life, this has to be a pretty good situation for him.

what is the standard NFL pay for a player on IR?
Is it similar to the PR/rookie pay scale or less for those disabled?

His pay is his contract. Whatever he signed for is what he gets paid.

Perhaps him being pigeon-toed?