Baggs Great- Taman Sucks

Career game last night for Stevie Baggs. Hamilton D just got a lot better, while ours is poor. Brendan Taman is a LOSER. He LOW-BALLED Baggs, instead of offering him $25 K more than anyone else. But thanks Brendan for Dorsey, Rodriguez, Goodspeed and Fairooz and all your other great moves,especially those LOSER Winnipeg coaches.

well, I dunno. I really do think that Baggs is having success because right now he's in a system that works.

the Cats are a good team! they're very capable of getting to the Grey Cup this year.

The salary cap dictates what can be spent on new players. With the injuries the last three weeks, we can't use up our cap space on one player.

We had cap room. They knew that he wasn't signing with us. They did talk and it was said "we are too far apart." I believe he was a little bitter with not getting the MOP nod, even though Chick was the right man.

If Taman had balls, he could have gone over the cap. We are not exactly wallowing in debt!!! Pay the penalty, but show you are not a total schmuck!!!

You make more reasonable posts like this and you just might get several people off your back. :slight_smile: He may or may not have had success again in Sask but he is definitly having success where he is, and good for him.

Riders never out bid another. Even Shivers never did. They feel they can work with what they got.

BUT when your rocketing to the bottom of the sacks tally, and have a chance to get a player that plays full out every play, you sign him because he will pickup your team when they are down or flat. Riders are both right Noe.

Theory on the post-game show was he wasn't worth the locker room headache. Couldn't say myself how much there is to that but that is what Ballsy and Lynch were saying.

I never thought of that legal, but yeah, he had a bit of a hissy fit about not getting the MOP nod didn't he. He was extremely vocal about it. Never good for a locker room. Hopefully Hawkin is good to go for playoffs.

Anyone who listens to Michael Ball is an A$$hole!!

I have to say I am really surprised to hear that he would be a locker room problem. I know he was mad about not getting the MODP nod, and I know he was vocal about it, but from everything I've seen of Baggs off the football field since he's been in Hamilton, he seems to be about the nicest guy I've ever come across. He seems very humble, but he does play with a chip on his shoulder. And if he keeps playing the way he's been playing with the Cats, he'll probably get that MODP award in the next couple of years. The guy has been a monster, and I truly believe he has turned the Tiger-Cat defense from a good one to one that can be considered (as my brother put it on Friday night) a" Grey Cup defense."

That's just my $0.02. I'd love to know what you guys think. Was there rumours of problems last year?

Great mature comment. I pray you are not representative of the serious commentators you purport to bring over from your past group.

I think we should have done everything we could to sign Baggs. We desperately need an athlete of his ability on our D. Him and Hawkins could have become the new "Chick and Baggs."

Riders GM and coaching staff seems to have their heads in the sand.

Everyone else can see what's wrong with the team....everyone that is EXCEPT THE RIDERS COACHING STAFF AND GM!!!!!!

All we hear is the same old excuses....this kind of nonsense wouldn't have been tolerated under a GM like Tillman.

Doesn't anyone else believe that Baggs didn't want to come back?

Of course he did, but when you can get a pay raise in the thousands, wouldn't you take it?
Let's say for example that a company in SSK is offering you $65,000 a year to work for them.But a company in Hamilton also wants your services and they're willing to pay you a salary of $120,000 a year.Which do you pursue?

Of course I would go to Hamilton. I just think it's possible that Baggs wanted to go somewhere else even if the pay was close or equal.

well, he’s earning his pay so far! he’s doing well in Hamilton.

Just wish that we as a team could make smarter decisions.

Well from what i've seen he's a very smart and honest guy and he said first thing if it wasn't for the pay difference, he'd be back in SSK cause he loves the fans.But I think we're starting to grow on him.We may not have the fans in masses the way SSK does but we're something awesome all our own :wink:
Anyhoo, it sucks but that's the league sometimes.You get some all-stars and you lose some.I for one am afraid that AB3 is going to retire at the end of the year as he was seriously pondering it last season.And Hage doesn't want to stay around forever either so i'm hoping we're grooming Morencie for the C spot.I predicted a SSK vs. HAM grey cup and I still firmly stand by that.

Oh, and I forgot to add Jamall Johnson doesn't seem like a likely return to the Cats as his contract expires after the season.He hasn't said anything but has had several oppurtunities to re-sign and hasn't.Even MK and Floyd tried to coax him and he wouldn't :lol:
Methinks he wants to cash in on FA so maybe he'd go to SSK.

JJ is not in his final year. The team has an option for next season. So barring a trade, JJ will be donning Black & Gold in 2011.