Baggs Defensive POW

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Well deserved!Grats Stevie

Well deserved and hopefully just a preview of what's ahead!

Damn right he was!! lol.

Congrats Stevie!

Great game by Baggs.

The Toronto offense and the special teams was man-handled by the 'Cats, lead by Baggs. In particular they roughed up Owens and Boyd to the point that they were no longer a factor.

Let’s do the same to Cobourne, Cavilio, and Cahoon on Friday.


Congrats Stevie: well deserved....

POW is the right word.

he was beastly, good for him

Well deserved and looking forward to a few more this season.

I figured this was in the Baggs (see what I did there, cue drum roll) after Friday night's performance.

What I was really surprised by was that Baggs did not get one of the TSN game balls. Not that it matters, but I figured he one of them would have given him one. If Dunigan was on there, he probably would have. He's been fawning over the Hamilton D-line for months.

Either way, good for Stevie. Hopefully this is just a preview of what's to come.