Baggs brags: Better all-around than Willis


Willis: 2 tackles, 1 sack (one accidental closeline on QB Porter)
Baggs: A big, fat ZERO! 0 tackles, 0 sacks, 0 impact!

Here's a nice ice cream for you, Stevie, for trying so hard and talkin' the talk.

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Neither had a career night, but Willis appeared to at least be putting pressure on the QBs. I don't remember Baggs getting near Pierce once tonight.

“Don’t just look at sacks for this season,? Baggs said. “Look at tackles, sacks, forced fumbles, fumble recoveries, interceptions, touchdowns, special teams tackles. I’m talking about an all-around football player, and I’m talking about Shakespeare.?

.. After reviewing these numbers for the night, Shakespeare, all I see is a bunch of zeroes.. time for someone to admit Odell is better

You seem to forget quickly what Stevie can do when used properly:

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He can play, sure he talks and maybe he's not better than Odell but he can definitely play and is definitely not a wash up.Keep talking guys, I know the REAL Winnipeg fans are at least respectful enough to realize that tonight's beating was enough and more powerful than words.

Yep...more respectful than Stevie and his big mouth...

never said Baggs is a bad player, he just isn't the best DE in the league and it's time for him to accept it and deal with it. it's the second time he's tried to say it and he still isn't doing anything to prove it. yeah, he can play.

there's nothing about saying Baggs talked too much and didn't back it up that makes anyone "not a real fan".

kudos to him for being humble in defeat after the game and not being a little baby like Stala, though. I do like Baggs, he's a good player. at least he can either back up his words or accept responsibility for them later if he doesn't.

Part of the problem with Baggs this year is that Chamblin (new TiCat defensive coordinator) doesn’t WANT Baggs to rush the QB. Baggs is on the leash in this new scheme and is employed more like a 4th linebacker. It’s odd.

X2.Our scheme’s are confusing and ineffective.Let Baggs be Baggs and work around that for blitz packages.

...I find that players like braggin Baggs, bring more to defeat their team ,with this 'trash' talk and 'guranteeing wins stuff' than they know...It just fuels the opposition....The players like Buck, who don't need any hype, (says he's not totally on board with all of the 'swagger stuff) just go out and let their talent do the talking....Stevie might want to take a lesson from that...No excuses like ' oh they're double teaming me'...Doug Brown gets that every game and i don't see him talking 'crap'...Just go out and play :wink:

Unfortunately we need vocal players because they bring at least some intensity to our team whereas our HC gives them about as much intensity as a grass growing competition.

hmmm, sounds like Swaggerville. :wink: