Bagg tears other ACL, put on 9-game IR

This guy just can't catch a break. :frowning:

Hate to see a guy go out like that. Fun player to watch too. Hopefully he’s done with the injuries and can have a full season next year.

Tearing both your ACLs is very very serious. Don't know if he'll be the same player even if he does come back. This is looking Lumsden-esque, sadly.

wow, they just changed the story,,,it read like this a couple hours ago (excerpt of previous post):

Hope for the best. Especially sucks being he's Canadian. Not to wish bad luck on an import but I do like to see the Canadian boys doing well in the league. Hopefully he fares better than Lumsden over the long term.

I hope he recovers too. Great talent when healthy, but ever since he was injured in the last minute of the 2009 Grey Cup, it's been one injury trouble after another.

I guess that is why the Riders singed Terrence Jeffers-Harris...

.....probably true....tough to find an ni of Baggs quality, so Harris will have to do....This guy can be good IF you tell him to concentrate on the CFL and forget the nfl gig... :wink:

Indeed. Might be a good fit, because it would appear Chamblin will not put up with crap from players. He has been juggling stuff around each week, and has shown he is not afraid to to flex his authority if he feels it betters the team. I would think that if Harris becomes a cancer that this experiment would be short lived...perhaps they would then give Bamba a shot

Definitely feel bad for Bagg! He has sort of found that rut where the injuries just pile up on top of eachother! I hope this doesnt become Lumsden 2.0, sad to see great Canadian talent like that (Bagg, Lumsden) get flushed before potential can be realized.