Bagg on 9 game injury list

Well we didn't know if he'd make the year and unfortunately he is out for at least 9. It's sounding alot like what Matt Dominguez went thru. Tweaked hammy is now a torn ACL? Not looking good. Sisco should be up to play.

I really have to feel for Bagg after he worked so hard to come back. Tough luck for him but maybe the opportunity Sisco has been looking for. Unfortunately I don't think we have any receiver available to replace the speed factor that Rob brought to the table. Good luck Rob - hope to see you on the field again this year!

...TSN is reporting that season-ending surgery is how Bagg will finish this campaign (no URL to embed as it's just one of those little video clips on the side of their website)...

..that sucks because even a staunch opposition fan like me thoroughly enjoyed watching him play, tough loss for you guys..

figured it would be. As I indicated in a previous thread, I believe there is potential this is it for his career...I hope not, but the potential is definitely there.

Considering this was his other knee this time, I'm guessing his career is over. It is sad if it turns out to be true.

I'm thinking Bagg will rehab and try come back in 2013. IF the injury doesn't respond, THEN he will call it a career. That will be a sad day in Riderville.