Bagg Injury

Any word on what Bagg’s injury is? Looked like a broken collarbone or separated shoulder to me.

Broken Collarbone, speculation is that he will be out until mid-June :wink:

Oh wow
Still think it was a dirty hit
1 guy holds so other can smack them
But as they say this is football not curling
speedy recover

I didn't know that you were allowed to lead with your helmet when you hit a player.

I also thought that the hit should have been a penalty as he lead with his helmet. It would have been a game altering call if it had been made. Having said that I believe the refereeing in the playoffs and the Grey Cup were the best I have seen. In none of those games can one say that the refs actually had a hand in the outcome. After a shaky season I think the referees deserve :thup: :thup:

Cox definitely is one of the top L.B,s in the CFL,IMO the hit was clean, as Baggs was still struggling to make yak YD,s,and Cox hit him with his shoulder. Ti cat fans saw a similar situation with Jesse Lumsden, however the hit that started his shoulder problems was after the whistle by a D lineman, hopefully Baggs can recover fully :thup:

Agreed. The play was still alive, Bagg had the ball, and he was fair game to be hit. Hopefully Bagg will be ready for the start of next season. Quality Canadian receiver, let's see more of him in 2010. :thup:

Cox left his feet because the only part of Bagg exposed was his shoulders, he didn't hit him with the helmet but shoulder to shoulder. Unfortunate accident. Wish him a good recovery, he's a young guy, he should be ok.

where did he leave his feet? hope he picked em up after