Bagg and Congi could be out through next season

All I can say is ouch... :?

damn, I wanted the riders to field their best when BC kicks their butt on nov 14.

now it wont just be the refs fault they lose, sigh

you really think the Lions are going to beat the Riders? :stuck_out_tongue: :lol: :roll:

the Lions who are at this point the worst team in the CFL, who let Ricky Ray run for over 100yds! (RICKY RAY???)

and you can't stop him for 3 quarters??????


the Lions are going 5-13 this year.

they're awful.

I wish some people would stop jinxing us... :frowning:

Umm... didn't the Riders have an issue stopping the run last week? How many yards did you guys give up on the ground, 221? Just a thought, but maybe you wanna be quiet... :wink:

What happened to "the best team on that day will win"? Who is to say that the Lions won't have their best day and beat the Riders. Has this season of parity not taught you anything? (Also, didn't you say something similar in regards to the Argos beating the Riders?) It's guys like you who shoot their mouth off that end up eating the most crow. I'd like to think that a guy who cheers for the Riders -- a team that has won 3 championships in 100 years -- would be a little more humble. Guess not.

Wish a speedy recovery for both, not nice at all for them.