Bag Searches at Game

I was speaking in a general sense not limited only to a game venue. No it's no joke down here or apparently up there. No warrant or probable cause or reasonable suspicion that the officer could articulate clearly in court -- you need not consent to search and any such search is then likely ILLEGAL.

All the same of course private security would just refuse you entry, but there is no requirement otherwise for you to consent to search as posted.

And if you trust the police enough to give up your civil rights otherwise when not at the game, you must live in an area without police corruption as I have seen in too many places down here as well.

When your rights are abused by the uncommon rogue or jerk officer otherwise, don't come on here whining you asked for it with that sort of ignorant comment to imply that citizens ought trust the police or any other government official with blind faith.

Most are trained professionals in my experience but that does not mean they are superhuman.

Except when you need them, right?

You seem to forget that the search is strictly voluntary and if you refuse absolutely nothing can happen to you other than being refused entry. This is strictly a game venue issue and to link it to any other situation is paranoia No probable cause, no search. PERIOD. The rest of your concerns are therefore irrelevant to the discussion.

Fair enough, but so was your added comment that implied blind trust in the police for that matter AKT:

Why are people afraid of the police anyway????? Makes no sense to me
Good commentary otherwise. :thup:

Maybe that comment didn’t belong but it is a reasonable question. Why the mistrust of the police? There really isn’t cause for most of it. I don’t understand the paranoia. We need the police to keep things safe. Without them I cannot imagine the chaos that would ensue. I’ll take my chances with them as opposed to without them

Exactly ! :thup:

Consider that others who are not criminals and have no such record in other parts of North America may have had more than one negative experience with the wrong police officers or with police corruption before making that blanket assumption just because you or others have not. And note that the frequency of police corruption in many a jurisdiction is becoming far more well documented these days than ever with greater transparency of media.

It all goes back to each one of us knowing our civil rights, because if you don't know them AND exercise them, you don't have them when dealing with police or any other government official.

So given that you think your comment was reasonable, I offered my response to it based on far different experiences of my own and many others whom I know and don't chide me or anyone for that differing point of view based on those experiences.

All the same as you stated it's best to get back to the topic at hand regarding the matter at the games, and otherwise we are going to obviously have to agree to disagree highly in part due to different experiences on that matter at hand that you raised with that statement.

My wife had her large 6"x8"x1" purse searched internally by a security guard looking for I presume a 40-pounder of rum!? I don't have a real problem with a visible search but I don't believe a security guard in Ontario has the authority to put their hands into your purse or pocket, or pat you down. I would like the Ticats or IWS to advise their security staff of this, this being correct as I believe.

What do you need 40lbs of rum for when everyone else gets by with a mickey?

If you don't want your purse searched don't come to the game, or any professional sports match, concert, etc.

It says this at the Ticats website:

All [b]bags[/b] are subject to inspection by security.
You are consenting to being searched as soon as you enter the stadium. And the police are considered security since the team pays the city for having police at the games.

I've been reading this thread and it sounds like a lot of people haven't checked out the list of prohibited items that is available at the Ticats website. It includes bottles, cans, outside food and beverages. Here's the link:

Having worked in security as well, it would be interesting to see exactly what the policy is with regard to what the security officers are allowed to do or not do when searching people or items. Many are not following their training, being lower-paid workers who all the same at least have jobs, and you ought find out exactly the policy.

In much of the US except for special circumstances and usually only by government employees for example such as at the airport or courthouse or government-owned or controlled property, privately contracted security guards do NOT physically touch anyone , even with consent of the opposite sex, and almost always searching bags is visual in nature only.

Also you can ask someone who has consented to search already to move items around themselves, as if you are a guy you ought know really well to never stick your hands in a woman's purse lest she allows it all the same.

If you have not learned that one yet God help you because definitely you have it comin' verbally and perhaps on top of your head and rightfully so. :lol:

If you really can’t/don’t want to pay for the water inside… bring a few sandwich bags and make your own non flavoured mini sips at the fountains!!

deerhunter wrote:

         "Same as if I arrest you for drunk driving, I have the right to search you for car keys, weapons etc...all before police arrive to take over."

deerhunter: You are getting ahead of yourself. The citizen's right to arrest is considered lawful usually when an offence has been committed and the citizen assists in preventing the suspect from getting away eg bank robbery, purse snatcher, house B and E, assault etc.
You would have a very difficult time justifying an arrest of a drunk driver on the highway.How would you stop one....and an even tougher time justifying a search. If you see a drunk driver call the police and make sure you can identify the driver and provide a first hand account of why you think the driver is impaired.
Also ....your duty after a citizen's arrest is made is to hand the suspect over to a police officer. You could disarm a suspect if you saw them committing an offence but searching for a weapon is usually beyond your arrest power. You could take the keys to prevent a drunk driving offence but that's not the same as a power of arrest.
As a citizen, you have to be very careful about using a power of arrest. Forget the macho, bravado stuff. Call police and keep an eye on the guy. An arrest by a citizen will be examined scrupulously afterwards to make sure it was done according to law. There are some obvious circumstances where a citizen's arrest is OK but in the past that right is usually defined quite narrowly. This is important stuff for any citizen to know!
I am a former police officer. (blown my cover now I guess!) the searches. I find it a bit distasteful that a full-time police officer is being used to search bags at a football game for the sole purpose of making sure people buy their bottled water, or other drinks at outrageous prices from the stadium concessions.

8) Tell your wife that she needs to bring a smaller purse next game !! :wink:

Uh, I don’t know the situation and would not second-guess any husband, but if I had to place a bet I would bet against any guy following such guidance. :lol:

Talk about tempting fate? Tell a women what purse to carry or what to wear (except perhaps to bed sometimes or nothing at all of course)? I don’t think so! :lol:

I agree with Barney, especially after reading this column.

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If you don't want to get treated like an anarchist, don't hang out where they are on a rampage.

It's a shame the tear gas and water cannons weren't utilized on those hoodlooms.

If you want to chant pro-labour, gay rights, save the seals, etc, choose another weekend.

I have no problem with protests or any kind of vocal statement of where someone stands. When those same people though start breaking windows and harassing the employees inside retail locations then they get whatever comes to them.

I certainly don't condone what the police did to these people but they wouldn't be in custody in the first place if they had not violated someone else's rights and property.

Bag searches by security guards have been going on for decades at stadiums all over the world. Have you ever been to a Rock Concert? Is this your first time at an event? They do a physical search, in bags and even a cavity search.

Have you ever been to an airport where........yes a security guard searches your bag when you enter the security area?

If you don't want your bag/purse searchecd, don't bring it. Wasn't that easy? When I go to games I bring my small purse or no purse at all. If you want to sneak something into the stadium in a purse, go to the young male security guards as it is obvious they really don't want to look in the purse (not that I'd know from experience).

Don't bring something into the stadium that you don't want the security/police to see. I don't see what the issue is. I do have to make a comment about the fountains though. My brother went to the pre-season game. He had extreme difficulty finding a fountain and even asked someone who worked there and they didn't know where the fountains were. I don't know about this year, but in the past few years I wouldn't drink out of those fountains. I was also never allowed to drink out of "shorty green" since dogs loved to drink out of them. I'll pass thanks. The prices for non-alcoholic drinks are beyond ridiculous.