Bag Searches at Game

I know exactly what you mean and tend to agree.
That said, I'm with deerhunter in that I know of the agreements when I purchase my ticket. If I don't want my bag to be searched, I either don't bring it, or don't attend. If the search goes beyond a simple bag search, then I believe it would be in the unreasonable dept.

Summary offence also.........if we see an assault, we have the power to arrest.......we don't have to be an expert on the law and try to determine what Level of an assault it is.........

Also, in effecting an arrest, we have to power to search for hidden weapons that can be used against us and seize any evidence for the police and courts to use

Section 494. (Criminal Code)[7]


Any one may arrest without warrant(s)

(a) a person whom he finds committing an indictable offence; or

(b) a person who, on reasonable grounds, he believes

(i) has committed a criminal offence, and
(ii) is escaping from and freshly pursued by persons who have lawful authority to arrest that person

Yes, arrest. Not search and seizure. Just try to search me or seize anything I have..

And again Zenstate, in effecting a citizen;s arrest, we have the power of search and seizure for such things as weapons, evidence he/she may try to dispose of etc before police arrive.....

still think I'm crazy?


If I saw you threarening someone with, let's say, a knife and I take you down and arrest you.......while being held, I would have the power to search you for more knives and seize them for police.........

you need to check your laws more carefully.......

Same as if I arrest you for drunk driving, I have the right to search you for car keys, weapons etc...all before police arrive to take over

Had my bag searched last night and didn't mind it one bit.

Shouldn't you be dressed in black, protesting somewhere?

8) I had an empty plastic grocery bag rolled up in my hand, and the security girl wanted to look inside of it !!!
  I told her I had a 26er of rum in it      <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

  You don't really need a lot of intelligence to do that job, you know !!!

Big difference legally in not consenting to search by a security guard and not consenting to search by a law enforcement officer, as a police officer may be acting upon court order, probable cause, reasonable suspicion, local ordinance, et cetera and could have the law on his side in that regard as opposed to merely a private employed citizen.

All the same the security guards at any given site often have ready-access to on-site law enforcement, but if law enforcement is not around and you just go away there is absolutely nothing a security guard can do legally to even touch you. Most don't want any extra work than they have to do to make paltry money anyway.

And yeah I love that last line as a defence by usually the fascist types for whom anyone merely questioning certain rules is guilty until proven innocent after harsh interrogation and hassle including apparently a few too many such types I have seen around here like we have down here too -- good example.

Pretty cool law on citizen's arrest in Canada unlike it seems most US states.

But what about any CIVIL liability for sake of a number of charges and even having to defend yourself against such an ordeal by hiring an attorney?

Down here before you effect a citizen's arrest or lay a hand on anyone or then some, assuming you are not also an off-duty or retired law enforcement officer, you better know the laws well and be prepared for a lawsuit all the same.

Bottom line unless you or your family or someone with you are in imminent jeopardy of life or grievous bodily harm, don't do it in the US and even then at least down here in the US, you WILL be sued civilly even if in the right legally with no criminal charges. :roll: Most folks down here just sue to extort a settlement via an insurance policy too in our ridiculous legal climate. :roll:

We aren't a litigious society. People try to sue all the time and get nowhere. Judges up here aren't stupid. You burnt yourself on hot coffee, what the hell did you expect, cold coffee. You'd bitch about that too, Get out of my courthouse

It's plausible that any bag in your hand could be concealing a weapon. Not every weapon is as big as a chainsaw.

Good grief. Why does this thread appear at least once a year?

Yes, the Tiger Cats can retain security or the police to search your bag. There is a list of prohibitive items on this forum - read it - live it - quit whinning about it.

This is an interesting point. I think everyone knows they have the right to refuse a search by a private security guard (who's only real recourse is to deny you access to the private property they are guarding). With police, however, citizen's still have rights regarding searches, however these rights are poorly understood by many people. Most people tend to accommodate requests by police EVEN IN SITUATIONS WHERE THEY ARE NOT LEGALLY REQUIRED TO DO SO. Where uniformed police are performing searches at the gate of a sporting event, many people may be even more confused as to whether they have the right to refuse to be searched, and what the consequences are for refusing.

Then again, as someone else observed, many people may consider a peace officer a more trustworthy person to be searched by than a random teenager in a yellow poncho.

Anyone going to a game who doesn't realize that a search is only mandatory if you want to get in :roll: The entire court order or probable cause was a joke? Right? Why are people afraid of the police anyway????? Makes no sense to me

Keep cops away from me. They wield too much power so that it isn't a fair exchange between the average shmuck and a cop. In too many instances, they fail to exercise common sense, flexibility or good judgement, prefering to blindly use their authority instead. My preference is to leave bag searches to IWS staff. Also, using a cop to search bags is like killing flies with a cannon.

Besides, hiring cops to police IWS ultimately contributes to higher ticket prices.

An Argo-Cat fan

I have been to football games here, in Toronto, TFC games, Raptor games, Cleveland Browns and Buffalo Bills. I been searched at every stadium and patted down in the US, as was every other male. Most women have their bags searched. At the Skydome a few weeks back, I had my water confiscated at the gate.

As an avid sports fan, I know this is the expectation now. It does not bother me one bit. I feel safer knowing that the police or security are checking bags for weapons. I dont agree with not being able to bring food/bevs into games, but the Ticats will allow you to store your items at the customer service booth.

As for the police finding a doobie in your bag...the worst that would happen is its confiscated. Charges would not fly in court as it is not a consent search. For the charges to fly, the police officer would have to caution every one whose bag was searched that they did not have to consent to the search (but you wouldnt be allowed in) and that anything located in the bag would be subject to applicable charges.

Trust me when I tell you the officers working the game arent interested in charging people with CDSA 4(1) while working paid duties.

And as for calling security people "rent a cops" or commenting that it doesnt take a lot of intelligence.....CMON...grow least these kids are working, unlike 1/2 the people living in this City. Some are paying their way through school. Its classless to make fun of anyone who chooses to work, no matter the job.

Good on the security personal and police.

The 1/2 of you that is an Argo just shone through with flying colours…Embarassment!